Mix It Up: 10 Great Instagram Pages for At-Home Cocktails

Natalie Leinbach | April 20, 2020 | Food & Drink National

A world of new tastes and concoctions await from these wildly creative mixologists.


Cocktail culture has never been more relevant during this time of quarantine. If you’re stuck making the same uninspired gin and tonic, consider expanding your tipples repertoire by following these mixmasters for inspiration.

@theglassclass This page is packed with original recipes from Scotland-based bar consultants and mixologists found at cocktail spots throughout Cyprus and Greece. Our recent favorite includes the simply perfect Negroni Sbagliato (Campari, sweet vermouth, Champagne, orange peel).

@theamateurmixologist Let your imagination run free with Matt from The Amateur Mixologist’s not-so-amateur beverages. His polished glasses can get complex but abundantly fun, including Bread and Butter (butter-washed apricot brandy, toasted crumpet session IPA, apricot jam and fresh mint).

@beautifulbooze Natalie Migliarini fills her page with beautiful cocktails from hip bars around Seattle and her world of travels. One recent fave: Make It Rice, with Ketel One, egg white, rice syrup, lemon and cream.

@cocktail_journey You can travel around the world without ever leaving the house by following Cocktail Journey. The drinks here tend to be sophisticated with some unconventional ingredients, perfect if you’re looking for a chance to exercise your ingenuity.

@theweekendmixologist The Weekend Mixologist puts new experimental twists on classic cocktails. Follow this page for Pineapple Mojitos and transformations like the classic Gin Fizz into a Violet Fizz.

@thetipsymuse Cocktail inspiration comes easily with a muse like Vivian Cromwell. Her bourbon-based Spicy Ginger Mule with apricot features Bulleit bourbon, Q club soda and dehydrated apricot.

@thecocktail.blog The creative Morten Krag is a home bartender with the right idea about how to spend his time. His captivating creations include Popping the Lollies (gin, rum, port, and lollipops) and Flor De Wine (rum, red wine, orange juice, lime juice, and homemade simple syrup).

@forkandshaker Master the cocktail craft by following along with mixologist Naren Young. Recently, Young has been posting short videos with every tip and trick you need to bring the bar to your own home.

@momose_julia Mixologist Julia Momose's page features soothing drinks to make at home, many of which are inspired by Japanese cocktail styles. One of her drinks, the Spiced Honey Toddy, incorporates buckwheat honey, rum, toasted spices and chamomile—perfect for a relaxing weekend staycation.

@barminibyjose The ladies and gents at the renowned barmini in Washington, DC, are big on whimsy and experimentation. Follow their page to learn new tricks with foams and unusual ingredients. One recent favorite includes Kaeri’s Cocktail (chicha morada, mezcal, cilantro and honey).

Photography by: Adam Jaime on Unsplash