Moon Juice, Kore Kitchen and 17 Other LA Beauty and Wellness Musts

The Editors | April 25, 2019 | Lifestyle

L.A. is a literal wellness mecca, and we’ve sussed out the area’s top players—from energy healers to herbalists—to prove it.

Breathwork teacher Ashley Neese

The Breathwork Boss
Ashley Neese
A renowned breathwork teacher and author, Ashley Neese has studied yoga, meditation, medical intuition and somatic therapies with some of the world’s leading masters to craft the unique methodology utilized in her own private practice. Her particular expertise lies in creating bespoke sessions based on somatic meditation, trauma touch, and body-focused therapy.

The Meditation Master
Megan Monahan
With her debut meditation book out this June—Don’t Hate, Meditate! ($18, Ten Speed Press)—the Deepak Chopra apprentice, inaugural director of meditation at Wanderlust Hollywood and Lululemon ambassador is the new name to drop in L.A.’s wellness world. Want to link up with the on-the-rise guru? She teaches weekly classes at Unplug Meditation as well as private sessions, and regularly hosts and teaches retreats and events at The Chopra Center.

The Definitive Crystal Source
House of Intuition
Pillow stones, palm stones, pendants, power bracelets—you’ll find all of these and more, such as raw and tumbled stones, wands and pendulums, at the many locations of House of Intuition. HOI’s impressive crystal inventory is handselected by founders Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas from around the world. Hunting down a specific mineral? Check HOI’s website, where you’ll find an exhaustive list of stones organized alphabetically. Locations vary

Surya Spa’s Panchakarma treatment concludes with Shirodhara—oil poured over the third eye to provide rest and restoration to the nervous system.

The Ayurveda Authority
Surya Spa
Ayurveda, a 10,000-year-old healing system, transcends wellness trends—and there’s no more renowned ayurvedic haven in the L.A. area than Surya Spa. Founded by ayurvedic healing expert Martha Soffer, the clinic offers consultations and traditional treatments, focusing on up to 21-day personalized Panchakarma series to nourish, detoxify and restore the body. Glowing A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie and Kourtney Kardashian are among the spa’s legions of fans. Pacific Palisades

The Haute Herbalist
Abbe Findley
Interested in incorporating more herbs into your life? Abbe Findley, the accomplished herbalist behind Zizia, is your new North Star. At her storefront, she tends a fully stocked apothecary complete with handmade tinctures, herbal powders and her new 100 percent plant-based skincare line, DIRT (full set from $238). Plus, Findley hosts one-on-one Herb Clinic consultations and offers custom formulations made
in-house. Highland Park

The Adaptogenic Drinking Den
Moon Juice
Amanda Chantal Bacon’s organic, adaptogen-infused cold-pressed juices, milks, coffees and tonics set trends in L.A. (and around the world) when her first shop opened in 2011. Today, the wellness guru has even branched into adaptogenic skincare and hair products, with SuperHair—a potent complex of bioavailable and bioactive multivitamins that promote healthier, thicker hair—as the latest launch. Locations vary

Cornelia eight-free, cruelty-free, vegan nail polish, 0.45 fl. oz. for $18, tenoverten,

The Sharpest Nontoxic Nail Salon
With ultramodern, minimalist decor, a selection of in-house eight-free polishes and a reputation for all-natural nailcare, this isn’t the place for gels, but it most definitely is the spot for flawlessly executed manis and pedis done with organic and vegan products. Platform LA

The Cleansing Czar
Fatima Williams
There’s plenty of places to get what cleanser Fatima Williams calls “one and done” colonics, but at her practice, the process is considered therapy. Offering a series of methodically scheduled sessions plus education, coaching and mentoring, the holistic health consultant (and former successful singer and actress) only takes on clients who believe their health is an investment, not a one-time experiment. Hollywood

The Infrared Joint
HotBox Infrared Sauna Studio
Ageless beauties Jennifer Aniston and Cindy Crawford swear by infrared saunas, which use light to create heat, warming your body directly without warming the air around you. At HotBox, a 45-minute sweat sesh is enhanced with a pristine, private suite that’s equipped with your own vitamin C rain shower—and you can even treat yourself to mood-boosting chromotherapy at the same time. Founder Jessica Mortarotti hints that the brand is starting to franchise their concept, so look out for more HotBox locations coming soon. DTLA

The Kundalini Yoga Sage
Indigo Lab
“Like a lab, we experiment and create experiences that alchemize a mandala of healing practices and modalities with Kundalini yoga and meditation as the principle foundation of every class,” says Kjord Davis, founder of Indigo Lab LA. No longer in its Beverly Boulevard digs, Indigo Labs is now held at various retreat centers, festivals and more, with monthly two-hour workshops at Wanderlust Hollywood that debuted in May plus luxury pop-up classes, workshops and experiences all over L.A. and at high-end retreats worldwide.

The Sound Bath Site
Unplug Meditation
Sound bath practitioners describe the experience as a “concert for the soul,” as the ancient wellness practice of healing through harmonic compositions of gongs, bells, bowls, flutes, chimes and other instruments has been linked to reductions in stress and anxiety. Unplug’s sessions include crystal bowls used to shift and cleanse your energy fields; the center also offers “fusion” sound baths that combine meditative techniques, modern science and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). West Hollywood, Santa Monica

The Chicest Natural Beauty Emporium
Detox Market
Absolutely no toxic ingredients are allowed within the doors of this luxury beauty boutique that carries green beauty brands free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, PEGS, petrochemicals and much more. The brand’s goal is simple: to detoxify every part of your life. Choose among organic skincare, natural makeup, clean haircare, wellness teas and safe household products. And don’t miss their newest location and third L.A. outpost in Westfield Century City. Locations vary

This fall, Parsley Health’s Playa Vista location will open a cafe and lounge similar to its New York City counterpart, pictured here.

The Integrative Medicine Destination
Parsley Health
Instead of meeting with a primary care physician twice a year for, say, 15 minutes a pop, visit Parsley Health, which bridges the gap between medicine and wellness by setting you up with a doctor for a whopping 75-minute first appointment and adding a health coach visit too. The center focuses on advanced primary care, integrating functional medicine, a type of practice that addresses the root causes of disease by taking a holistic look at a patient’s history, lifestyle and genetics to discover and solve health problems. The best part? Membership gives you practically unlimited access to your health care team. $150 per month, Playa Vista

The Energy Healer Extraordinaire
Jeannette von Johnsbach
The founder of the self-healing Andreas Method® and the Energy Healing Expert at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, Jeannette von Johnsbach grew up with a family tradition of hands-on healing and natural spirituality—and recognized her calling at 9 years old. “My method removes the deepest blockages, often passed on from previous generations, which prevent people from living their true purpose in this life,” she explains. 80-110-minute sessions for $275-$375

A menu prepared by nutritionist and chef Meryl Pritchard.

The A-Listers’ Holistic Nutritionist
Meryl Pritchard
From designing healthy daily menus to sourcing a birthday cake that’s vegan, gluten-free and topped with probiotic coconut icing, Meryl Pritchard is many a top celeb’s go-to nutritionist and private chef. Her once-pubiilic meal service brand, Kore Kitchen, has recently transitioned to a private consulting service.

The Reiki Professional
Kelsey PatelAs a certified reiki master, yoga instructor, meditation teacher and Emotional Freedom Technique specialist, Kelsey Patel wants “to leave each [client] with a deep feeling of self-empowerment [so they] remember the incredible wisdom, ability and power they have to shift their own lives.”

The New Acupuncture Ace
V Rituals by Vie Healing
Opening in Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, this spa marks the first time that the department store is offering Chinese medicine treatments like acupuncture. Don’t miss picking up products like adaptogenic supplements or CBD roll-ons, too.

The Buoyancy Berth
Pause Float Studio
The Venice-based wellness spot made waves as one of the first to offer flotation therapy, a practice that alleviates pain and anxiety, and offers an overall sense of well-being. Newly launched offerings include IV drip cocktails and vitamin shots.

The Writing Workshop
Put pen to paper at one of Laura Rubin’s workshops, where a series of writing and sharing exercises promotes tapping into your true self. Held at a variety of locations in L.A., New York, Montauk and more, the workshop can extend beyond the class with one of Rubin’s notebooks ($23): There’s one side for drawing and another for writing.


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