Los Angeles Artist Andrew Schoultz On His Colorful Inspirations and the Latest Timepieces from Rado

BY Modern Luxury | November 22, 2019 | People Feature Features

For Los Angeles visual artist ANDREW SCHOULTZ, one of the most impactful parts of life has always been color. “Color has constantly been a really important part of art—and life—for me. I’ve always been interested in super-bright color compositions, dating back to when I used to read comic books and cartoons as a kid.” Now Andrew uses his love of color in his large-scale installations, murals, paintings, sculptures and works on paper.


LA LA LAND “I love living in Los Angeles. The color in this city just seems so much more vibrant than anywhere else…the saturations of the sunsets, the plants and fl owers, the fashion, everything. It’s a constant source of inspiration. Being in L.A., I have changed the way I used color. I now incorporate so many more saturated colors in my work.”

ARM CANDY “The color in these Rado watches is seriously incredible. I chose the Spectacular Ultramarine watch, which is my favorite. But you can wear anything, even something completely basic, and with this one-color, monochromatic band on your arm, it will look amazing.”

COLOR STORY “I love the idea that colors placed around another color are the reason that color pops or doesn’t pop. For instance, if you put an orange next to a blue, it can make the blue look more like a dark purple. If you place a really bright color next to one that’s not that dark, that color can appear like a deeper, darker shade.”

Photography Courtesy Of: Dylan Lujano