Gorjana Celebrates Grand Opening of Malibu Store

| September 4, 2019 | Parties

After the last two years of expanding to various locations across California and New York, Gorjana and Jason Reidel along with 75 guests joined in celebrating the grand opening of their new Malibu store on August 9th. This is the 11th store for the Laguna Beach based jewelry brand which has rapidly gained popularity over the years for its affordable, chic, and simple yet diversifiable pieces. The 500 square-foot store features on-site engraving from their bespoke collection, a power gemstone collection wall, as well as a custom hand-dyed tapestry created by Lauren Williams which pays homage to the brand’s Laguna roots. This opening marks the impressive growth and success the company has seen over the last couple years as they continue to expand and distinguish their brand.

Photography by: Madison Crowley Photography