A Former Ad Man's Second Act Sweetens the L.A. Dessert Scene

Carole Dixon | June 21, 2019 | Food & Drink

The White Chocolate Rose ice cream, a summer artisanal flavor

Stroll by Cold Rolled Ice Cream Company on any given night and you’ll find an enthusiastic group awaiting a unique treat. Beyond slinging scoops, the bustling Melrose Avenue ice cream shop is creating edible works of art with almost theatrical flair, a reason why David and Victoria Beckham—with kids in tow—recently stopped by for a private tastinwg and a lesson on how the magic happens.

Watching the sculptural desserts come to life is fascinating. First, ice cream is thinly spread onto a freezing steel plate set to -15 degrees Fahrenheit. Before long, it sets to a flattened form, then is sculpted into artistic rolls that resemble a delicate floral rose. It’s all placed in a cup; your name is written with a drizzle of Nutella (other options include caramel); toppings are added; and voila, your handcrafted, personalized artisanal dessert awaits. And it wouldn’t be L.A. if a waffle “taco” shell wasn’t also available as a vessel.

Lavender Honey Chocolate Chip being prepared

“It takes two to three weeks of training to get a new employee really up to speed,” explains Tim Hinds, head of marketing and co-owner, who formerly worked in ad sales and partnered with CEO Paul Silver, Chief Financial Officer Takayuki Fujiwara, and Chief Operating Officer Terry Guo on the business. Hinds credits his international travels as a veteran—and spotting the rolled confection in Thailand—as inspiration for starting the company two years ago. “I’m a huge foodie and love ice cream,” he adds.

Addictive orders include Mint-Chip Monster (Hinds’ personal favorite), White Chocolate Pistachio, the bestselling Oreos & Cream, and premium s like Strawberry Cheesecake. Every ice cream flavor is certified organic and locally sourced, including the vegan options, and the 50 toppings range from crushed graham crackers to pink salt. Recently added artisanal flavors—including Orange Dark Chocolate Ganache, Lavender Honey Chocolate Chip, Whitew Chocolate With Rose Water, and Orange Creamsicle—marry decadent taste profiles with lighter notes for the summer season.

Currently, Hinds and his team are scouting for a second location in downtown Los Angeles, and Palm Springs may follow. As well, franchise operations are on deck for the future. With throngs of enthusiastic customers, we have no doubt that expansion will lead to sweet success.


Photography by: Munn Singh