Affair of the Art

| February 22, 2012 | Parties National

THE PARTY An opening night bash for the Art Los Angeles Contemporary fair, with Angeleno as a media partner, showcasing contemporary art ranging from work by up-and-comers to masterpieces from local and international galleries, held at the Barker Hangar THE PEOPLE Mandy and Cliff Einstein, Angelika Taschen, Shanit and Sam Schwartz, Ann Philbin THE HIGHLIGHTS Art enthusiasts were given a very cool welcome thanks to 40 L.A. locals who brought Judy Chicago’s “Disappearing Environments” back to life with 25 tons of dry ice stacked in pyramids around the entrance. Once inside the 40,000-square-foot exhibition space, guests roamed the fair with a Heineken in hand and grooved to music by Jesse Peterson and Carlos NiƱo of dublab. Photos courtesy of Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images


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