8 Luxury Auto Books Serving Speed and Design

Maria Gracia Santillana | April 13, 2021 | Lifestyle

Books about Luxury Cars

Amid the speed and luxury of the car world, designers and carmakers continuously push themselves to the brink of beauty and innovation.

What is often only available to a lucky few can now become staples of your coffee table! From Ferrari to Porsche, Mercedes and BMW, these books feature the some of the fastest, most innovative and famous cars. With words from F1 legends like David Coulthard and limited editions signed by the likes of Piero Ferrari, these books will surely entertain and impress.

Next time you’re wondering what to get the car-lover in your life, check out these eight perfect luxury car table books. It's the next closest thing to the driver's seat.

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IL FASCINO FERRARI by Pierro Ferrari

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This may just be the holy grail of luxury car books. A production on an unparalleled scale, this tome features hundreds of unseen photographs from the Ferrari archives. For more than seven decades, the Italian carmaker has revolutionized the car world, leaving its red mark on the world. This encyclopedic work offers unrestricted access to some of Ferrari’s most private of collectors, revealing the true stories of Ferrari’s protagonists, victories, past, present and future. Edited by journalist Pino Allievi, each of the limited 1,947 copies is personally signed by Piero Ferrari himself. The 514-page book comes enclosed in an aluminum case designed by Marc Newson and features a complete appendix of all Ferrari victories.

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If you’ve ever dreamed about owning the world’s most beautifully-designed cars—a privilege to only a few—this book is your closest chance. Showcasing 100 of the 20th century’s most luxurious cars, The Impossible Collection of Cars takes us through the head-turning automobiles that revolutionized engineering. From the 1909 Blitzen Benz to the 1996 McLaren F1, Dan Neil takes you through 170 pages of magnificent lines. The hand-bound book features cars owned by Marlene Dietrich, Ralph Lauren, Greta Garbo, Pablo Picasso, Elvis Presley and other celebrities, giving you a look into never-before-seen luxury cars.

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All great car-makers must have their own collection of bests and never-before-seen pictures. With more than 1,000 vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz Classic collection, many of Mercedes’ most famous automobiles are unavailable to the public. Housed in 12 inconspicuous commercial buildings in and around Stuttgart, the “Holy Halls” are filled with Mercedes’ most treasured models. Holly Halls takes you through Mercedes’ secret car collection, with images and informative texts written by journalist Christof Vieweg.

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TYPE 7 (VOLUME 1) by Dr. Ing H.F.C. Porsche AG

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Powered by Porsche, Type 7 is a daily magazine for those who are driven. Covering Porsches and those who drive them, the magazine explores art, architecture and culture at large. Type 7 (Volume 1) is a collection of articles both published and unpublished from its first year of publication. Curated by Editor-In-Chief Ted Gushue and Porsche Marketing Project Manager Franziska Jostock, these 280 pages bring you the best of Type 7 and Porsche. The book features everything from a view of artist Daniel Arsham’s New York studio, to a drive through the English countryside with Coldplay’s Guy Berryman. Type 7 also just published Type 7 (Volume 2) in November of 2020, available for purchase online.

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MCLAREN: 50 YEARS OF RACING by Maurice Hamilton and Paul Fearnley

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Published in 2013 in celebration of McLaren’s 50th anniversary, McLaren: 50 Years of Racing is a limited edition collection of Bruce McLaren’s podium-placing career and the brand’s longstanding history on the track. With only 1,963 printed editions, the book is now primarily available through resale sites. Regardless, signed by Jenson Button, Martin Whitmarsh, F1 driver Sergio Pérez with an individual “chassis” plate, this is a must for any hardcore F1 race fan.

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THE BMW ART CAR by Thomas Girst

In 1975, racecar driver and art lover Hervé Poulain convinced his artist friend Alexander Calder to unite art and sport on a racing car. Thus, the BMW Art Car project was born. BMW provided the 3.0 CSL as the objet d'art and paid for the mechanics and accommodation at the first Art Car's race – 24 Hours of Le Mans. The BMW Art Car documents all BMW art cars to date, the latest being revealed in 2017. Featuring art from Andy Warhol, John Baldessari, Alexander Calder and Sandro Chia, this book showcases all of BMW's rolling sculptures.

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Fully illustrated, The Supercar Book is a beautifully-designed collection of everything you've ever wanted to know about supercars. The book features a pre-history of the genre, going on to explore American muscle cars and underneath the hood of some of the most famous cars in history. With an opening by Formula-1 legend David Coulthard, the book also features exclusive interviews conducted by best-selling author Martin Roach with supercar experts from around the world. Feast your eyes on 200 pictures of supreme supercars, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Pagani, McLaren and Porsche.

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ULTIMATE COLLECTOR CARS by Charlotte and Peter Fiell

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This double-volume tome is the unrivaled car collector's anthology. Ultimate Collector Cars curates 100 of the most desirable, exquisite, and remarkable cars of all time. Settling for nothing but the best, this book presents each model with imagery taken by leading automobile photographers. Alongside rare archival footage, editors and authors Charlotte and Peter Fiell bring their design expertise onto the automobile space.

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