10 SoCal-Based Skincare Brands to Keep Your Skin Glowy This Winter

Laura Eckstein Jones | October 20, 2020 |

The SoCal skincare and makeup to know will keep you glowing from head to toe.

Ilia Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil

Everything Ilia does lately has been a slam dunk, and this supremely moisturizing tinted lip oil is no exception. Packed with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, salicornia herbacea extract and meadowfoam seed oil, the cushiony, plumping formula comes in six gorgeous shades—Tahiti, a rosy coral, and Saint, an orange-y red, are standouts—versatile and sheer enough to complement all skin tones.

Ilia’s Balmy Gloss tinted lip oil comes in six delicious shades PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS

Kat Rudu Paradise Glow Peel

Based on the Westside, Kat Rudu is known as much for her adoring celeb fans (Kate Beckinsale is a regular) as she is for her highly effective treatments and skincare line. The Kate Moss lookalike’s latest concoction hydrates, lifts and tightens using pomegranate and papaya extracts, hyaluronic acid, organic aloe leaf and 2% glycolic acid. The result? A youthful, toned complexion.

Kosas The Big Clean Mascara

With its safe-yet-effective formulations and spot-on shades, Kosas has been a leader in clean beauty since it first launched lipstick five years ago. The new mascara’s safe, body-building formula swaps out carbon black, acrylates, mineral oil, fragrance and silicones in exchange for safer alternatives like castor oil, vitamins, botanical waxes and shea butter. For a lush look, make sure to wiggle the brush from roots to ends.


Mara Sea Vitamin C Serum

Any self-respecting skincare junkie knows that vitamin C is essential for overall brightening, improving dark spots and evening out texture. Mara’s soothing formula does all this and more by incorporating powerful natural ingredients like moringa, squalane and passion fruit oils; a whopping 15% vitamin C active; Mara’s signature algae blend; and calming adaptogens reishi and ginseng.

Mara’s new Sea vitamin C serum promotes a smooth, even complexion PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS

Odacité Crème de la Nuit

Equally packed with highly effective botanical ingredients—such as ashwagandha, pomegranate, blue-green algae and kelp—and backed by clinical science, Odacité’s velvety night cream radiates luxury. A plethora of incredible results—think amazing hydration, less visible wrinkles, glow, texture and firmness—appear after just one application.

Uma’s Ayurvedic Experience contains the tools needed to begin a wellness journey. PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS

Osea Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist

Malibu-based skincare brand Osea has veered into wellness with this relaxing spray that uses lavender, lemon tea tree oil and chamomile oil to help activate the stress-regulating vagus nerve. A generous spritz on your pillow and sheets before bed will induce a deeply relaxed meditative state, perfect for drifting off into the Land of Nod.

Olive & June Fall Collection

Desert tones rule Olive & June’s chic autumn collection, that includes the brand’s easy-to-apply 7-free polish in six stunning shades. JO, a sandy apricot color named after Jasmine Ou—founder Sarah Gibson Tuttle’s first handmodel crush—is a standout, as is WKF, a cool mossy green that’s poised to become a year-round favorite. All polish is vegan and cruelty-free.

Ranavat Imperial Glow Facial Polish

Beautifully scented with hints of geranium and rose, this gentle cleanser by Ranavat blends sesame and almond oils infused with ashwagandha. The subtle exfoliating particles—made from finely milled rice powder—make this an ideal biweekly ritual for revealing a toned, refreshed and nourished complexion.

Imperial Glow facial polish by Ranavat uses finely milled rice powder to exfoliate PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS

Retrouvé Dermal Defense Hand Cream

Increased hand washing has led to many a dry hand these days. Luckily, Retrouvé’s luxurious new hand cream is here to help soothe, nourish and brighten. Made from pure avocado extract distilled from owners Jami and Klaus Heidegger’s Malibu farm, the nurturing, vitamin-infused formula—enriched with marine extracts, niacinamide, glycerin and more—has a salvelike texture that immediately sinks in.

Ultimate Ayurveda Kit

Known for its incredible facial oils and body balms, Uma has created a comprehensive ayurvedic starter kit filled with the tools and skin- and bodycare items needed to begin a journey toward wellness and a more balanced life. In addition to four supplements meant to help with digestion, brain power, liver cleansing and deeper sleep, the kit includes a kansa wand and oil for self-massage, a tongue scraper, a body brush and more.

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