Better Than Good

BY Sari Anne Tuschman | September 17, 2018 | Feature Features

Fashion darlings Meritt Elliott and Emily Current's brand The Great opens its first store on Melrose.

It seems everything Meritt Elliott and Emily Current touch turns to cool. They single-handedly made “boyfriend jeans” a fashion statement with their first line, Current/Elliott. They made Pottery Barn a must-have with their multiple home decor collaborations. And since 2015, they’ve been defining the tomboy-meets-vintage Americana aesthetic with their brand The Great. And this summer, they opened the doors to the first The Great store on Melrose. “We are tactile people and thrive on feeling the softness, texture and hand of garments in person,” says Elliott.

The airy space beckons you to hang for a while, perhaps while flipping through coffee-table books or trying on the selection of Sarah Hendler vintage jewelry. The store’s design harkens back to the tenants of the brand: Custom indigo walls are painted to look like denim, while brass accents reference a pair of jean’s rivets and buttons. Handpainted Moroccan tiles pay homage to The Great’s signature worn-in army jackets. The store carries the complete collection of The Great, including the ready-to-wear pieces, shoes and the children’s line. There are also one-of-a kind-vintage pieces—sweatshirts, army jackets and bags—made more special via embroidery.

The duo also turned their impeccable taste to the edit of third-party items, which range from pottery and Gladys Tamez hats to Japanese indigo blankets and Coqui Coqui fragrances. “We are staunch advocates for the power of strong female friendships and the spirit of creative fearlessness,” says Elliott. “Many of the gifts available at the store are made by and in support of women all over the world.” While the twosome has no immediate plans for a second outpost, the pair does have Northern California in mind. “We see one’s fashion choices and home decor choices to be equal representations of personal style,” says Current. “Mixing high and low, balancing masculine and feminine, and incorporating vintage pieces is important to us, both in our wardrobes and in our interiors, and we really wanted to capture that in a retail environment.” Mission accomplished in the coolest way possible—naturally.

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