Breaking the Mold

BY Sari Anne Tuschman | February 20, 2019 | Feature Features

Serial entrepreneur Susan Feldman launches a content platform devoted to powerful women.

2018 was a pivotal time for women to find their voices and speak their truths, something that inspired Susan Feldman to launch In The Groove, a website dedicated to females “45 to 65 years young.” “All around me, women in the vicinity of their 50th year were describing that in the middle of a mostly joyful life, they began to experience feelings of invisibility,” says Feldman, who, prior to launching In The Groove late last year, co-founded One Kings Lane in 2009 and sold it to Bed Bath & Beyond in 2016. “There were no online destinations for women our age to share their keen intelligence, impeccable taste, hard-earned wisdom and wicked sense of humor,” quips the Angeleno. “My dream is that this becomes the go-to brand for age-defying women.”

In the Groove curates a variety of content across multiple platforms, including beauty, fashion, lifestyle, wellness and love. It features interviews (Aerin Lauder, designer Malia Mills), trend reports (which loafers to wear, which readers are best), how-tos (making the perfect charcuterie board, the key to traveling in style), love and health advice (how to spice up a long relationship, coping with menopause), and much more. “Women who are 50-plus are wealthier, healthier and more engaged than any generation in history,” says Feldman, 63, who is married with three children and two grandchildren. “The kicker is they spend 250 percent more than any other demographic, yet no one is talking to them,” she says. “Women in that age range no longer fit the mold [that] editors, marketers and advertisers confine them to. The time has come to reframe the conversation.”

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