Carlos Santana Expands Mirayo by Santana— A Cannabis Line Centered in Spirituality and Inspired by His Latin Heritage

By Caliva By Caliva | June 4, 2021 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

Carlos Santana, the ten-time GRAMMY Award-winning guitarist, is one of the most recognized and celebrated musicians of our time. His life as a musical icon and spiritual flame-keeper is built on determination, discovery, and self-actualization. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the longtime cannabis advocate launched Mirayo by Santana last fall - a line of premium sungrown products focused on the spiritual effects of cannabis.


­­­­­­­­"In my experience, cannabis has special properties that enhance meditative reflection and creative expression. It can dispel negative doubt to reveal the everlasting gift of our uniqueness," said Carlos Santana. "With Mirayo, I hope to help people use cannabis as a door to a more benevolent behavior like kindness and compassion."


The story of Mirayo begins in Mexico, where Santana’s mother used cannabis in her regimen of holistic solutions for various ailments. The name Mirayo is a combination of "my" and "ray" in Spanish, which honors Santana's Latin heritage and hopes to empower everyone to "follow your light."

Last week, the team launched 3.5-gram jars of whole flower to add to the initial line of 7-gram jars and 5-packs of 0.5-gram pre-rolls. Mirayo offers these formats in the following strains, or categories of consciousness:

  • Radiance: A sativa that is intended to expand one's energy outward, reaching for divine wisdom and inspiring creative expression.
  • Symmetry: A hybrid aimed at harmonizing the inward and outward, mind and body, for elevated perception.
  • Centered: An indica meant to nudge users toward inner peace, insightful stillness, and transcendence of the physical state.
  • Essence: A CBD-rich variety intended to dispel the veil of stress from the mind and body for clarity and calm in your divine light.

Mirayo is available at and at select dispensaries in the Bay Area and Southern California.

Photography by: Caliva