Compassion: USPA Changing the Face of Modern Security

By USPA Nationwide Security By USPA Nationwide Security | December 21, 2023 | People Sponsored Post


It was 2:03 AM on a humid August morning in Florida. Dan Manning, CEO of USPA Nationwide Security, was in a condo parking lot, along with a four man team, conducting a surveillance operation to locate a 22 year old Florida woman who had been missing for over a month.

Manning and his team had been on the search for hundreds of hours over the course of weeks and it was now reaching a breaking point: they got a solid location. They continued their hunt for over a month, working alongside local, state and federal law enforcement on the case, which culminated in locating the woman and an arrest of an individual connected with her disappearance.

It is not uncommon for an outfit like USPA to work on a missing persons case. What is unique, however, is that they do it at no cost to the family. USPA funds these operations by donating 50% of the profits from security details they provide to ultra-high net worth individuals and families. USPA has been providing VIP security for over 20 years.

“These philanthropic missions have become the main motivating factor for why we do what we do: to give back. We have a very talented, mission-oriented team of veterans from the Army Rangers,the Navy SEALs, the Marine Corps and law enforcement.” Manning said.

In the past year, USPA’s team has been successful in a number of these philanthropic missions. In June of 2023, Manning’s team orchestrated a complex international rescue of an American citizen from the Middle East. The team deployed armed agents on the ground within hours of locating the victim and provided for her safe return to the US. “It is operations like these that make USPA special,” said USPA’s Mike Edwards, a Silver Star recipient and veteran of the elite Regimental Reconnaissance Company, a tier 1 unit within the Ranger Regiment.

In December of 2022, Manning’s team were credited with locating a missing California woman, Aeris Hammock. USPA investigator Brian Fitzgibbons was featured on Fox & Friends alongside nationally known crime expert Nancy Grace.

The team deployed to the Northeast in February of 2023 and successfully located a missing 13 year old Massachusetts girl within 72 hours of taking on the case.

Manning’s team is composed of military and law enforcement veterans with a diverse set of skills and expertise. “We are blessed with personnel that we have on this team. We are so fortunate to have this group assembled.”

USPA’s founder and veteran law enforcement officer, Michael Evans, began this charitable work nearly 20 years ago. “After all these years, I can look back and say this is our ‘why’. This is why our company exists. Seeing this compassion carried on by Dan and the team has made me really proud of what we have built,” Evans said.

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