Deedee Cheriel Exhibition Opening

| July 15, 2015 | Calendar

Deedee Cheriel's works are narratives based in identity and mythology. Drawing inspiration from punk rock, feminism, and temple imagery from her native India, Cheriel's "Natural Resource" paintings explore figuration, color, and textures while capturing moments in time. Water, fire, stone, air, and lush gardens contextualize the mythologies that are presented by the artist. Modernist in context, paintings such as "Dark Night Soliloquy" wrestle with the traditions of western painting. Maternal bird-women clinging to their offspring are both contemporary and evocative of historical depictions of Madonna and child. Bright foregrounds leap out of ominously black and white skies, suggesting Cheriel's migration into new artistic territory while maintaining a dialogue with the past. This body of work mixes ancient legend with modern life, predator with prey, east with west, and man with beast - weaving an appropriately complex tapestry of the societal fusion that defines our contemporary world.

"Natural Resource" is a collection of vibrant, emotive, and otherworldly new pieces by the prestigious international painter whose work has garnered rave reviews and features in prominent art publications such as Taschen's Illustration Now Vol 5., Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, Blackbook, Kult, and American Art Collector.

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