Design Ideas + Home Inspiration from your friends at Helms Bakery District

Helms Bakery Helms Bakery | March 15, 2021 | Home & Real Estate Lifestyle Shop Sponsored Post

Your home is working overtime – part office, part classroom, part gym – your entire existence all in one space. Let the experts at Helms Bakery offer some help!


Stop into our many furniture showrooms to create a collected and comfortable design story for every room in your home, perfectly curated for you. We offer one-on-one in store guidance or virtual design appointments to help you sort through the most challenging interior and backyard projects. With brand partners such as Room & Board, H.D. Buttercup, Cisco Home, Kohler, and Scandinavian Designs, there is a style statement for just about everyone.


Whether you’re looking to add a small lifestyle improvement or tackle a major renovation, design your way through Helms Bakery District and begin the journey of making your house into a joyful home for the entire family.


To learn more about the showrooms, specialty shops, and restaurants located at the complex, please visit the Helms Bakery website at Sign up for the newsletter to receive Bakery buzz about new showrooms and restaurants and information about upcoming art, architecture and design events.



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