Dr. Michelle Lee's Take On Aesthetic Medicine

By PERK Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills By PERK Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills | February 1, 2024 | Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,


Dr. Lee's path to plastic surgery began with art. As a concert pianist, she performed all over the world and her decade-long piano performance career refined her artistic approach to aesthetics. Now, as a Harvard-trained and board certified surgeon with a private practice in the mecca of plastic surgery–Beverly Hills, Dr. Lee is committed to creating natural and harmonious results that augment and extend the beauty found organically in every one of her clients.

Her drive for ingenuity, art and scientific progress is what allows Dr. Lee to stand out as one of the best plastic surgeons in the country. Her practice, PERK Plastic Surgery, is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of beauty and cosmetics without compromising patient safety. Keeping up with cutting-edge developments as they happen in real time, Dr. Lee and her team offer the newest innovations to their clients–from the latest and greatest minimally invasive procedures to state-of-the-art surgical techniques. Their three simple rules for the practice of aesthetics are:

Do no harm: “Patient safety is our first priority. We pride ourselves not only on innovation but also on utilizing the safest techniques to enhance both aesthetics and health.”

Create natural and long-lasting beauty: “Our signature procedures are designed to highlight your natural and original beauty.”

Give back: “We believe that beauty is a collective human experience. We are at our best when we feel beautiful and when we give back, we present our most beautiful self to the world.”


Dr. Michelle Lee is known not only for her expertise in natural facial rejuvenation, but also for delivering a luxury experience for her patients. Her office, neighboring the famous Rodeo Drive, boasts a striking view of Los Angeles spanning from the lush greenery of residential Beverly Hills all the way to the Hollywood sign. The design beautifully mirrors Dr. Lee's surgery aesthetic–elegant and natural. Adorned with an opulent lobby, custom-made art pieces and even a hanging bubble chair, the office is a dream destination for aesthetic patients world-wide.


Dr. Michelle Lee and her team at PERK Plastic Surgery are devoted to providing a holistic experience that takes into consideration every facet of wellness and healing. Ranging from surgical and nonsurgical treatments, pre-treatment nutrition, and her very own medical grade skincare line, PERK Potions, PERK’s goal is not to just address aesthetic concerns, but to build sustainable relationships based on trust and transparency. Dr. Lee’s modern approach highlights that aesthetic maintenance and enhancement is part of a lifestyle continuum that includes self-care in all areas.


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