Founder of NOW Amy Krofchick Shares Her Tips on Self-Care

By Laura Eckstein Jones | April 22, 2020 | People

With her new pay-it-forward massage concept, the founder of the now beautifully integrates kindness with wellness.


Upon losing her husband, Brett, to brain cancer, Amy Krofchick’s life took on a new purpose. Therapeutic massage helped Brett during his fight, which inspired Krofchick to open The NOW, the Tulum-chic massage mini-chain. “My mission for The NOW was to continue to promote Brett’s legacy by extending the nurturing power of healing and the keen perspective of living in the moment to everyone,” she explains. But Krofchick found she could only go so far with that concept and eventually bowed out. Earlier this year, she opened Lifehood (Platform LA), a therapeutic massage boutique with a California-cool vibe—think Schindler chairs, RTH bandanna-print curtains and linen pillows by Gjusta Goods—and an interesting business model: gifted services at a discount. “At Lifehood we are linking kindness and wellness and sparking a kindness revolution,” Krofchick says. “Science proves that those who practice giving and kindness are happier and healthier. Lifehood makes you feel good by making it easy to give good.”

1. “I live up in Laurel Canyon and after I drop off my son, Mateo, at school, I try to start my day with a hike at Fryman Canyon. Nature is so meditative and healing. My morning ritual helps me find calming perspective before a busy day.”


2. “Coming home after a long day of single motherhood and work at Lifehood, I love to unwind in a warm bath with some Lord Jones CBD bath salts and light my Barratt Riley & Co Lifehood scented candles. Pure Zen!” High CBD Formula bath salts, $65,


3. “When the sun is out, I love to get lost in California’s natural wonderland. Any chance I get I head west to the beach for relaxation and fun. Along the way, I always make a stop at Gjusta to pick up some delicious treats.” Venice,

4. A delicious glass of red wine and sharing some chocolate dessert with Mateo at the end of the day is always a magical and healing moment. I’m all about 80/20!”

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Photography by: portrait by Ashley Barrett; bath salt photo courtesy of Lord Jones; Gjusta photo by Ashley Randall