Garis & Hahn presents A Piebald Era Lisa Adams

| January 29, 2019 | Calendar

Garis & Hahn is pleased to present A Piebald Era, marking Downtown Los Angeles-based painter Lisa Adams's debut solo show with the gallery. The exhibition will open on January 12 and remain on view through February 16, 2019.

Occupying the liminal space between abstraction and representation, the imaginary and the real, Adams's highly original paintings depict scenes which lie at the intersection where nature meets the brutality of the human-made, as filtered through a uniquely otherworldly prism. Derived from photographs and experiences as well as her personal imaginings, Adams's idiosyncratic paintings are an admixture of fact and fantasy, amalgamated fragments manifesting in a disjointed whole, a skewed world that is seemingly falling apart.

Exploring the contradictions borne from the dichotomy between natural and urban environments, Adams fuses the two worlds into a new disturbing surreality. Conjuring dystopian visions which serve as visual representations of a society bereft of reason, Adams's fictitious worlds reference actual locations--the Los Angeles River, Griffith Park, the Salton Sea--recognizable yet distorted, altered in a way that is purposefully misleading. Simultaneously merging realistic and abstracted elements into the same picture plane, nothing is quite as it appears. In her eccentric, improbable universe, a pink porpoise is trapped in a carousel, a distressed fox lives in a cardboard shelter, a solitary tree house stands forlornly abandoned.


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