Globally-Designed One-of-a-Kind Products Made From Vintage and Repurposed Material

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In 2013, two lawyers decided the world needs fewer lawyers, and better shoes.

Res Ipsa speaks for itself (quite literally, as res ipsa loquitur in Latin translates to “the thing speaks for itself”). Inspired by travel and the spirit of magnificent cities around the world, Res Ipsa is more than a product—it’s a lifestyle.

Founders Josh Moore and Odini Gogo, lawyers by trade, know a thing or two about the often dull uniformity of men’s professional and dress wear. With tastefully vibrant, unique and responsibly-sourced clothing, accessories and shoes, Res Ipsa is anything but ordinary.


In their Marrakech, Morocco factory, the fabrics are hand-weaved and sourced thoughtfully to reduce waste. Res Ipsa prides itself in making products carefully, responsibly and always with love. So whether you’re far from home or returning there, travel with Res Ipsa.


The Res Ipsa Los Angeles store is NOW OPEN. Shop the complete collection of slippers, sneakers and chukka boots made from vintage Turkish kilim rugs, as well as luggage and other accessories such as tote bags and clutches made from vintage Moroccan textiles. The LA store will also highlight Res Ipsa’s collection of sustainable and repurposed apparel designed and conceptualized by Josh and Odini. The collection features embroidered Vietnam-era military liners (inspired by Japanese sukajan jackets), reimagined varsity jackets, repurposed vintage Levi’s 501s, and bomber jackets made from African wax fabric.

8840 Washington Blvd. Ste.108, Culver City, CA

Photography by: Res Ipsa