Grace Home Furnishings Launches New Ad Campaign for 2021

Grace Home Furnishings Grace Home Furnishings | February 12, 2021 | Home & Real Estate Sponsored Post

Grace Home Furnishings is celebrating 2021 with a new ad campaign featuring their newest canine of couture home furnishings, Grace III. Her presence marks a twenty year tradition of their store mascot, a chocolate lab, appearing in their advertisements. This new ad features a bold yellow, gray and white color palette, and showcases the new "Grace" sofa, custom made by Grace Home Furnishings in Southern California and built to order.

Moving forward into 2021, Michael Ostrow and Roger Stoker reflect on just what makes their Brentwood and Palm Springs based design firm exceptional. “First, our beautiful showrooms, expert staff and extensive collections create a design process that is accessible, comprehensive and fun,” Stoker says. “Second, our line of custom furnishings makes any design idea possible. Finally, we provide our clients with a full-service experience that begins at conception and ends at installation.” This high level of expertise and one-of-a-kind approach to customer care is at the heart of Grace Home Furnishings’ sterling reputation, while their ability to deliver highly-crafted bespoke pieces puts them in a class apart. “Our custom sofas, chairs, beds and cabinets are available in any finish or fabric, so we are able to offer our clients something truly unique,” Ostrow shares. “The outstanding relationships we’ve built with our clients over the last 20 years is what is taking Grace Home Furnishings into the future.”



Photography by: Slim Aarons Getty Images Gallery