On The Nose: This Bespoke Fragrance Line Is Next Level Luxury

Phebe Wahl | December 14, 2020 | Style & Beauty

For those with truly singular and highly sophisticated sensibilities, haute perfumer Henry Jacques brings its bespoke fragrances stateside.Henry Jacques launch art

The Henry Jacques Les Classiques collection of 50 different fragrances beautifully on display at its new Beverly Hills boutique

While its dazzling jewel box Beverly Hills boutique and U.S. expansion might be new, Henry Jacques began more than 50 years ago with a focus on bespoke scents crafted for the European elite. The haute couture fragrance house founded by Henry Cremona has since built a library of more than 3,000 fragrances yet remains a family affair. From the handblown crystal flacons containing the artisanal perfumes to the wax seal on each bottle, Henry Jacques is entirely crafted by hand to this day. The collection ranges from the Classiques line (50 different scents, from $530) to limited-edition masterpieces featuring gold and precious-gem-encrusted flacons to bespoke services. We check in with global CEO Anne-Lise Cremona for her top notes.

What was your first memory of Henry Jacques fragrances? My childhood has been infused with perfumes. One memory that comes to my mind is when we received Bulgarian roses in beautiful handmade wooden boxes. We were three sisters and each of us had been gifted a bottle of pure essences. The feeling that I remember is of great comfort, reassurance and preciousness; it was a rose with a delicate honey scent. Besides that, I have a very early memory of my mother’s perfumes on her dressing table, where she had a little collection. She is the one who inspired the idea of a ‘perfume wardrobe’ for me, since she had several iconic perfumes on this table. I used to love to go there and smell them. For me, that was the quintessence of elegance. HJ Les Toupies perfumes

The Masterpieces collection features crystal flacons designed to complement the precious essences they contain.

What are some of the U.S. expansion plans you can share at this time? Americans have always been great fans of the brand and have always answered very positively to our haute parfumerie concept. The brand was present in the U.S. during the ’90s, and I am always amazed how our clients missed it. We had great expectations for this L.A. boutique, and we can definitely say that they were met. It is a beautiful success already. No doubt we will take our marvelous concept to other parts of the country, but, of course, always in a very selective way.

Do you plan to open stores beyond Beverly Hills, or what other U.S. retailers might carry the fragrance? Due to the L.A. success, we are already discussing other boutique openings. Our perfumes are rare and exclusive and our distribution model follows the same path. As in every other country we are only present in our own boutiques and in what we consider to be perfect locations. I believe this is the future of retail; this is what luxury is. Henry Jacques BH Store

The Henry Jacques boutique is an intimate and exclusive experience.

What do you think is most unique about Henry Jacques? Everything we do is different, from the way we mix tradition and modernity in all the facets of the business—from creation to distribution. Our motivation and passion is the perfume itself, far from the marketing commonly used in the industry. We want a brand without compromise, and this is what Henry Jacques is and will remain.

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Photography by: Beverly Hills Boutique photos by Hunter Kerhart; all photos courtesy of Henry Jacques