Iconic Lines, Vibrant Colors, and Timeless Silhouettes: The K. Haring Glass Collection

| March 27, 2020 | Sponsored Post


The timeless artwork of Keith Haring incorporated broad, bold strokes and groundbreaking imagery to unite New York City street culture with pop art during the 80s and 90s. His work could be seen all over the city and was embraced by the public due to the embedded messages spreading peace, love, equality, and compassion. Today his work is ubiquitous, and has now crossed over into cannabis with the K.Haring Glass Collection.

Keith Haring was a forerunner in using fashion and product to bring his work to a diverse, global audience and that forward-thinking seamlessly translates to cannabis culture. Each piece in the K.Haring Glass Collection features a classic silhouette that is tastefully adorned with the vibrant and bold strokes of Keith Haring.The K.Haring Glass Collection brings the “widely recognized visual language” of Haring’s work into your sessions seamlessly, offering a conversation piece that won’t dominate the room.

The K.Haring Glass collection features a Taster, Spoon Pipe, Bubbler, Water Pipe, and Concentrate Rig to accomodate any kind of smoking preference or experience level. All the pieces in this collection are constructed from borosilicate glass to prevent shattering and withstand everyday use.

Users who enjoy just a bit of dry herb will enjoy the small-yet-stylish K.Haring Taster, which features Haring’s artwork wrapped around the back third of the one-hitter while the hammer-style K.Haring Spoon Pipe offers a low draw resistance to deliver the full flavor of your material.

For water filtration needs the K.Haring Glass Collection features a uniquely bell-shaped Bubbler that utilizes a showerhead percolator for cooled smoked and is comfortable in-hand and the K.Haring Water Pipe incorporates a removable diffused downstem 7-slit showerhead percolator to moisturize your draws. Concentrate-centric users will appreciate the K.Haring Rig, which combines a turbine percolator that generates a cyclone of moisture for remarkably cool draws.

The blending of timeless consumption pieces with modern design tweaks and Keith Haring’s artistic vision have resulted in an astounding collection of glass. Keith Haring’s spirited artwork is carefully placed and hand wrapped in a way that allows the entirety of your glass piece to shine. Every piece in the K.Haring Glass Collection has two design options, you can choose from a bright, uplifting yellow motif or a design-savvy black and
white composition.

Shop the K.Haring Glass Collection on vapor.com and bring a pillar of American art into your next session, and take 20% off every K.Haring piece for the entire month of April.


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