What to Know About Insuring Your Most Valuable Possessions

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Insuring your valuables can be a complex process, which is why we’ve teamed up with our friends at Hanasab Insurance to find the easiest way to safeguarding your priceless valuables.

Ask Plenty of Questions


Memories are priceless, which is why no family heirlooms should ever go uninsured.

Most home insurance plans will cover a portion of fine arts and jewelry up to a limit of $5,000. But, rare paintings, timeless jewelry, classic cars or designer clothing in excess of that will require a scheduled appraisal and insurance plan. Take the time to find the right match and search for the right appraiser before approaching an insurance company about safeguarding your valuables.

Know Before You Buy

A multitude of insurance plans will cover your valuables at home or in your possession, but what if you lose something and don’t know where it has gone? Those who don’t ask about a “Mysterious Disappearance” coverage could be endangering their possessions more than they know. The special clause protects lost or stolen items that have disappeared.

Insure Your Most Prized Possessions


Never leave your most valuable possession at risk. Hanasab has you covered whether you're safeguarding a classic car or your vacation home.

Reporting lost or stolen items is quintessential to having your valuables either returned or covered by insurers. And the first step is always filing a police report. Take a moment to also reach out to the maker of the lost item, if a valuable watch or luxury handbag, as many have programs to getting your lost item replaced.

Protect Your Valuables

Take the preemptive step of recording your purchases as well as any distinguishable factors that may aide against theft. Mark tags with initials and search valuables for timestamps and manufacturer marks that would allow you to track the item if someone tries to pawn or sell it.

Reduce your risk with the help of Hanasab Insurance, which has insured price less valuables from cars to watches and more. Visit hanasabinsurance.com to get started on safeguarding your valuables now.

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