JennAir Redefines the Luxury Kitchen Experience With LA Designer Breegan Jane

By: Modern Luxury Editors By: Modern Luxury Editors | December 10, 2021 | Home & Real Estate People Sponsored Post


Transforming the luxury kitchen experience, JennAir is synonymous with pioneering innovative design in the kitchen. From statement making finishes of new appliances to the latest advancements in home technologies, elevated design choices can take you one step closer to redefining your customized kitchen space.

To help navigate the space of kitchen design, we sat down with one of our favorite designers, Breegan Jane. Born and raised in California, Jane discovered her passion for interior design at a young age when she opened her first retail store at nineteen. From there, she developed a roster of clients who came to trust her for design expertise and became a go-to source for national media outlets.


For Jane, luxury is found in creating a sophisticated space that people want to live in. Drawing inspiration from her California roots, Jane’s designs are effortless and chic, rich and inviting. Working closely with her clients, Jane wants their homes to be a reflection of their individual personalities, and kitchen customization is a significant part of today’s luxury home. Statement pieces, appliances that are as beautiful as they are functional, and leveling up to professional grade performance are some of the biggest trends in the decision making process today.

With their “Bound by Nothing” mantra, JennAir has embraced the mercurial demands of design to redefine the luxury living experience. Individualization, sleek design and top performance have kept JennAir at the forefront of design and a favorite among industry professionals such as Breegan Jane. “I love that they make functional and powerful kitchen machines that don’t look like what you would expect. JennAir appliances are truly works of art, and as a designer, that’s important to me,” she states.


“JennAir specializes in elevated design and is my go-to because of their style. In a word? JennAir appliances are elegant. My clients want luxury in all rooms of their homes, and that shouldn’t stop at the kitchen,” explains Jane. “JennAir has truly captured the essence of what the luxury consumer wants, which is a design that feels custom and tailored to their lifestyles. I love that you can see the artistry in the products, and that’s simply not something you get with other kitchen products in the industry.”

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Photography by: JennAir