La Brea Welcomes a California Cool Coffee Shop

Sari Anne Tuschman | July 16, 2019 | Food & Drink

A new cafe on La Brea is as much about community as it is cappuccinos.


La Brea Avenue has a new hangout thanks to Neighborhood, a coffee shop co-founded by Because I’m Addicted blogger Geri Hirsch. The intimate space complements its menu of local organic Canyon Coffee, Leaves and Flowers tea and matcha from MatchaBar with a selection of pastries (get the vegan spice cake before it sells out), smoothies from Daily Harvest, Moon Juice sips and Craig’s vegan ice cream. The one thing Neighborhood isn’t about is pretension. The interior is warm, with salmon-colored walls, heavy stone countertops and a communal oak table. Windows—often open—face La Brea Avenue. And though you’ll want to stay a while, you won’t be able to do so surfing the internet: Neighborhood intentionally does not have Wi-Fi. “Too many coffee shops feel like WeWork or a public library,” says Hirsch. “We sought to create the opposite—a space for community where people could talk to each other.”


Photography by: Tessa Neustadt