LifeArt Global Media Festival

| April 18, 2017 | Parties

LifeArt Global Media Festival is a Multimedia Festival and a creative movement celebrating Life, Art, and Film. Its unique identity lies in being amongst the very few festivals worldwide that embrace the future of media across the board. LifeArt will be held annually in Greece, debuting July 2nd - July 12th, 2017. The ballroom of the luxurious Beverly Wilshire hotel was transformed to host the launching Gala, filled with the essence of Ancient Greece and the spirit of an authentic art scene. In a ceremony hosted by entertainment TV reporter George Satsidis and Hollywood actress Candice Coke, a gathering of American Press that mingled with digital influencers, film industry experts and colorful Hollywood socialites embarked on an idyllic date night with Zoe; the striking statuette created after the Greek figure of an archaic woman, the Cycladic Idol. Designed by the historic Zolotas House of Jewelry, Zoe is the official Award of the LifeArt Global Media Festival.

Photography by Alex Brown


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