9 Ways to Have a Safe and Spooky LA Halloween

Lara Dreux | October 31, 2020 | Lifestyle culture


This year, masks stay on: let's keep Halloween scary for its monsters and nothing else. It may be hard to think of Los Angeles without the characteristic party atmosphere, but fear not, there's still plenty of safe ways to celebrate during a pandemic.

A fabulous, nightmare-worthy eve awaits, whether it be a socially-distant outing with friends, a family-friendly fright, or an artistic celebration of Mexican culture. Browse our list of Halloween activities and events in Los Angeles and pick the trick (or treat) that best suits your fancy.


Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

120 E Via Verde Dr., San Dima / Website

Bet you've never been to a “drive up” like this one. This haunted show features a multimedia story projected on a massive 40-foot screen. Beware of the creepy sets and horrifying characters from Midnight Falls crawling around and bringing the story to life, shutting your eyes won't work here.

L.A. Zoo Drive-In Movies

5333 Zoo Dr./ Website

For a kid-friendly attraction, drive down to the LA Zoo and enjoy their "Hair-Raising Halloween". Along with the wildlife theme, the zoo offers fun in-vehicle photo ops, treat gift bags and a nightly movie screened under the stars.

INSIDER TIP Order ahead and delight in their sinfully delicious menu.

Fright Farms & Not So Spooky Farms

5555 Hamner Ave., Norco / Website

Delightful by day, bloodcurdling by night; these farms offer the best of both worlds. Follow the candy clues to a mysterious temple and help Stingy Jack find the fabled treasure of dread pirate Bluebear for a fun-filled afternoon at the Not So Spooky Farms. If you are in the mood for a goosebump-inducing adventure, join the Fright Farms experience as you follow the freaky story of Hilldale's missing persons. "There's something lurking the shadows and there's no turning back...."

Haunt'O Ween LA

6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd Woodland Hills, / Website

This haunted drive-thru, offers an exhilaratingly spooky adventure for all ages. Drive past the Jack-o-Lantern tunnel and the Pun-Kin-Patch, around the Skeleton Loop and admire the Town of Halloween. This theme park adventure, all held according to coronavirus safety regulations, will keep you on your tip toes from start to finish.

Urban Legends of Southern California

88 Fair Dr., Costa Mesa / Website

Enjoy terryfying thrills from the safety of your car. This Orange County-based drive-thru will immerse you in detailed storytelling, realistic sets and theatrical performances around your car. For an even ghastlier experience, check out the four interactive show zones set up with monstruous sound light special effects.


Nights of the Jack

26800 Mulholland Hwy. / Website

Based in Calabasas, this Halloween event hands out thousands of handcarved and illuminated Jack O’ Lanterns as riders drive around King Gillette Ranch.

INSIDER TIP Due to high demand, Nights Of The Jack has created a plan B: a unique 360° virtual reality tour, available for purchase online.


Grand Park’s Downtown Día de los Muertos

200 N Grand Ave. / Website

Stroll around Grand Park verdant fields, admire the eleven one-of-a-kind altars as you learn about the Día de los Muertos. The park lets you absorb Mexican cultural traditions as you pass by the aromatic and splendid flower arrangements.

"La Catrina"

Los Angeles

La Catrina is the Goddess of Death in Mexican culture, a divinity the Aztecs used to worship centuries ago to best ensure their loved ones' smooth transition into the afterlife. Often portrayed with skeletal makeup, flowers and a top hat, Catrina can be recognized easily around the period of the Day of the Dead. Enjoy the various representations and intricate costumes across Los Angeles' diverse neighborhoods.

Virtual Día de los Muertos: 24th Street Theatre


For the very first time in history, the city's beloved 24th Street Theatre will be holding their Día de los Muertos show virtually. Join Ofelia Esparza and Rosana Esparza Ahrens in a educational and engaging online workshop as they show you the art behind building a traditional altar.

INSIDER TIP Shop online for a beautiful and spooky face mask, all funds collected help raise funds for their theater!

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