Louis Vuitton and Artist Javier Mariscal Team Up for the Chicest Travel Book Around

Laura Eckstein Jones | June 10, 2019 | Lifestyle

Illustration by Javier Mariscal from Travel Book Los Angeles

For its latest Travel Book, Louis Vuitton partnered with Spanish artist Javier Mariscal to create a whimsical tome inspired by none other than the City of Angels. Travel Book Los Angeles ($56, Beverly Hills) comprises animated, electrifying sketches that bring the city to life through quick, confident strokes and what Mariscal calls a “virgin” mentality. “I was at the Roosevelt Hotel in the middle of Hollywood, and from there on you are surprised by the thousands of signs... numbers... roads signs... by all those palm trees, bushes, gardens... all the different house proportions­—tiny little houses, huge houses,” he says of the constant inspiration, which he captured in a sketch book or on his iPad. “I have been drawing all of my life and I’ll never stop. Ever.”


Photography by: louis vuitton