Luxe Du Jour Revolutionizes the Luxury Handbag Market with Sustainability

By Kacie Whitman By Kacie Whitman | November 22, 2023 | Style & Beauty Sponsored Post

Founder and CEO Tammy Phan, Wardrobe Credit: Diana Couture and Anna Zuckerman

Luxe Du Jour captures the attention of the luxury resale industry with its unique approach to sustainability. Setting itself apart from traditional retailers, the brand offers a comprehensive online platform to shop, sell, rent or restore pre-owned designer handbags and accessories. Now, Luxe Du Jour customers can access and indulge in the luxury experience they crave within one app.

The brand’s origin story initially sparked on social media. Founder and CEO Tammy Phan was born to immigrant parents and sought a way to support herself financially. “My desire for luxury did not stem from growing up around it, but from a goal to achieve and save for it,” she says. After owning and selling her first Chanel bag, Phan realized high-end designer products were a wise investment that gained value over time. However, she struggled to find a trustworthy destination to resell luxury goods. The online realm was riddled with lowball offers and scam payments, while local clothing consignment shops took 50-60% of all resale commissions. Phan began selling authenticated designer products on her Instagram and was met with rapid success. In 2016, she officially launched Luxe Du Jour as a one-stop online shop for the latest luxury handbags and accessories.


Beyond consignment opportunities, Phan noticed her customers’ desire to rent authenticated handbags as if to test a product before making a final purchase decision. “We give customers the chance to feel the bag, use it and fall in love,” the founder shares. “No boutique allows customers to rent out or even repair bags before a purchase.”

Today, this savvy brand’s Luxe Bag Rental is a haven for renters and lenders alike. With the convenience of one app, those who love luxury goods can avail of any of the services offered. Renters can wear their dream designer accessory for a fraction of the current market price, and lenders can create a passive income monthly by renting out one of their high-end handbags. Repair and restoration services for customers’ beloved bags are also available through the Luxe Bag Spa.

Luxe Du Jour distinguishes itself from competitors by integrating advanced technology and innovative business models. “We curate unique shopping services for our clients that make them feel a part of a true luxury experience,” says Phan. The brand ensures competitive pricing for both consignment and rentals while regularly accepting feedback from the growing LDJ community on the app.

Sustainability is at the heart of Luxe Du Jour, evident in its incorporation of the three R’s: recycling, reusing and reducing waste. By encouraging the purchase of preowned handbags, the brand contributes to the recycling process and reduces the carbon footprint associated with the production of new bags. “Our rental service is about reusing and ensuring bags have multiple users and a longer lifespan,” Phan adds. Moreover, the Luxe Bag Spa’s restoration of worn-out handbags minimizes waste and provides these prized possessions with a new lease on life.

As the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 Prairies Award Finalist, Tammy Phan believes the community that surrounds Luxe Du Jour is exceptional. “I met wonderful people along the way who share the same passions as me,” she shares. “LDJ brought me close to others and taught me so much about business, not only from an entrepreneurial standpoint but also from a personal one.” She is particularly proud of the brand’s app debut and the community is has since cultivated.

In its continuous pursuit of growth and evolution, a live stream sales function recently launched on the Luxe Du Jour app, expanding its offerings to include ready-to-wear. Phan also notes the brand’s upcoming plans for a reality TV show in collaboration with a major network.

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