Men on the Move

BY Laura Eckstein Jones and Kelly Phillips Badal | March 21, 2019 | Feature Features National

From a luxury real estate agent to the master of custom kicks, these dynamic gents are putting a unique stamp on the City of Angels.
Chris Spencer | Shot on location at the NoMad Hotel Los Angeles

Chris Spencer

I Just Do, a sitcom in production

A one-hour comedy special starring Spencer

“After more than 20 years of acting, doing stand-up, writing and producing, I’ve made my mark in the entertainment field (@therealchrisspencer). But it’s been more from behind the scenes. Now I want to move in front of the camera, and I believe my new project, I Just Do, will help me achieve that. The title came from my wife, Vanessa. I asked her, ‘With all the ups and downs of a marriage, why do you love me?’ She answered, ‘I just do.’ Then I had a meeting with LeBron James’ company about a few projects, and his executive Jamaal said something like, ‘I love your stand-up, I follow all of the funny things you do on social media. Let’s do a sitcom about you, starring you!” So it’s a sitcom about my life. I’ve been touring the country with Tiffany Haddish too, and I have a deal with Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud network to write, produce and direct content. But my greatest achievement so far has nothing to do with Hollywood. It’s my 13-year marriage and my kids, Christopher and Isabella.”

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