Molly Shaheen and Huw Collins are Doing It Their Way with Wheat Boutique

By Freddy Ferro  By Freddy Ferro  | June 23, 2021 | Style & Beauty, Shop, Sponsored Post,

The idea for Wheat Boutique was born in 2016 when Molly Shaheen and Huw Collins both decided to put their entrepreneurial skills and passion for fashion towards opening a boutique. After Huw just finished wrapping up on the TV show “Pretty Little Liars,” Molly wanting to use her wealth of knowledge in business, and a little inspiration that they found in Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment, they decided to pursue what would become an incredibly rewarding idea.


“Understanding the need for consistency and structure while also implementing what I would want from my own shopping experience when I am on vacation” is what Molly envisioned when creating Wheat Boutique.


“Coming into Wheat we looked at what the holistic guest experience would be like and how we could make it specific from the lines that we carry to the layout of the stores and the experiential element of being a guest at wheat,” says Huw.


With stores in six different locations, and a partnership with the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Molly and Huw’s business has been booming. Their locations can be found in the Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, the Four Seasons Los Angeles located in Beverly Hills, the Four Seasons Anguilla, York Beach in York, Maine, Newbury Port in Massachusetts, and their most recent accomplishment: Nantucket, Massachusetts.


With what some may describe as laid back luxury, Wheat Boutique appeals to a diverse array of clientele. Though they typically stay with the beachy aesthetic, both East Coast and West Coast/Carribean stores give a slightly different vibe.

The West Coast/Anguilla boutiques feel more as if you are going on vacation. From beach hats to light layers to swimsuit coverups -- that is what you will find in those stores. In the East Coast stores, you can still find light layers, but expect cooler colors and maybe even a pair of jeans.

According to Molly and Huw, “Everything that we buy always has our customer at that location in mind … We work very hard to understand our customers and bring them what we need. Given that we spend a lot of time on both coasts, we have a good understanding of the particular sensibilities of each place and also have a love for those particular sensibilities that we try to condense to specific buys for each location. So people feel like they are really getting a flavor for the place that they are in.”

Molly and Huw’s own styles can also be seen in the designs at Wheat Boutique. Molly describes her style as “laid back [and] comfort is king. My ideal outfit to describe my style would be jeans and a tee shirt with nice jewelry and a good handbag.” Huw’s style is “a modern traditionalist who loves any excuse to dress up in my best, but at the same time Molly has been a great influence in embracing my more casual side of my wardrobe.”


With the comfort that consumers can see through the designs of the clothing and how the atmosphere feels upon walking into one of Molly and Huw’s stores, each consumer feels invited and joyful, perhaps a large reason why Molly and Huw have created such a successful business. Truly caring for their customers, Molly and Huw want everyone entering their stores to feel warm, welcomed, and accepted into the atmosphere they just entered. Through their positive attitudes and stunning, comfortable designs, Wheat Boutique is definitely on the road to success.

Photography by: Michael Rynes