A Movable Feast

| January 18, 2013 | Parties National

THE PARTY Angelique Soave and Rochelle Gores Fredston hosted a delectable midday meal on Spago’s newly redesigned patio for the fifth-generation J. Mendel designer, in town from New York. THE PLAYERS Abigail Spencer, Anne Crawford, Claiborne Swanson Frank, Jane Ross, Minnie Mortimer, Susan Casden, Tara Hannert, Julie Jaffe, Kylie Case. THE HIGHLIGHTS Sitting in the new space, the designer recalled creating the diaphanous dress for Gelila Assefa Puck’s 2007 wedding as he talked about devising intricate corsets for his spring dresses. When dessert was served, Mendel chatted with L.A.’s style set while the ladies tried on gifts of colored mink cuffs from the fashion house. THE QUOTE “There’s a more casual feeling here, but when women get formal, it gets more glamorous,” said Mendel, commenting on local fashion sensibilities. “That’s why we have a voice in L.A.” Photos by Stefanie Keenan/Wireimage


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