Network Like the Best of Them at Two New Women's Clubs in L.A.

Sari Anne Tuschman | June 27, 2019 | Lifestyle

Two female-focused private clubs make their mark on the City of Angels.

The Wing’s West Hollywood location offers a locally sourced menu in its sunny cafe.

There are two new and notable additions to the women-focused private club trend happening in L.A.: The Jane Club in Larchmont and The Wing in West Hollywood. Having opened this spring, The Jane Club differentiates itself with amenities designed to support mothers—from workspaces and on-site child care to mani-pedis. There’s even a pool deck. “We take care of the women who take care of everything else,” says actress, screenwriter and author June Diane Raphael, who co-founded the club with producer Jess Zaino. “We set out to create a space where women didn’t have to apologize for being both mothers and pursuing professional careers,” says Zaino.

The Jane Club’s pool deck is a feminine oasis.

In the same vein, The Wing recently opened an L.A. outpost. What was started less than three years ago by co-founder Audrey Gelman has grown to 8,000 women who head to The Wing to work, socialize, eat and attend events. Members can use the showers, meeting rooms, a lending library, a full-service cafe, phone booths and even a grooming area filled with Chanel Beauty products. The airy space also boasts a wraparound terrace with a view of the hills, and the “Little Wing,” which offers babysitting services. “I am so proud to be a part of business that is reframing how and where women work and create,” says Tess Sanchez, a Fox executive and Jane Club investor. “This is the future.” For the record, men are welcome at both clubs, but the message is clear: Women rule.


Photography by: The jane club photo by jess issac | the wing photo by madeline tolle