New York, New York!

| August 24, 2011 | Parties National

The Post 9-11 group exhibition opening at OHWOW gallery THE PARTY An evening showcasing the artwork of nine New York- based friends including Terence Koh, Aaron Young, Agathe Snow and the late Dash Snow THE PLAYERS Exhibiting artists Ryan McGinley, Nate Lowman, Dan Colen, Hanna Liden and Adam McEwen; guests Al Moran, Aaron Bondaroff, Leo Fitzpatrick, Christina Ricci, Matthew Williams, Lisa Love, Lauri Firstenberg, Rosson Crow, Roman Alonso, Danny Comden, China Chow, Jose Parla, Bettina Korek, Christina Curry, Anita Ko, Maximillian Chow BEST IN SHOW A constant crowd swarmed the gallery and enjoyed the clever mock obituaries by McEwen, whose witty work paid homage to the lives of novelist Bret Easton Ellis and world champion runner Caster Semenya— who are both still living. Adding to the whimsy of the opening, Ellis’ death notice even included a comical description of his Twitter feed. Photos by Andreas Branch/


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