Peace in 10,000 Hands

| June 25, 2014 | Parties

Presented by the nation’s premier street art gallery, Lab Art, Street Art for Peace is first to introduce a series of partnerships established to introduce Peace in 10,000 Hands ‐ a global art project to invigorate the conversation for peace, incorporating charity with 100% gifting along the way. The exhibition collaboration features solo and collaborative works of LAB ART artists Kai, Mar, Annie Preece, Louis XXX, Matty Fontana, Moncho 1929, all known for their distinct styles within the industry of street art, and the photographic artist and founder of Peace in 10,000 Hands, Stuart Robertson to create a truly unique collection while expressing peace through Street Art. LA’s tastemakers enjoyed craft cocktail creations presented by Profic Libations and 1933 Group within the gallery decorated in white floral décor by Fanciful Designs. Photo booth added to the entertainment capturing some of the most candid moments of the evening while the guests enjoyed the musical stylings by Lab Art’s resident DJ Kristina Kova and the guest DJ Eve Speciall. Live painting by Matty Fontana engaged the guests in the process of creation of one of the works now on display alongside the rest of the powerful pieces presented by the exhibition hosted at Lab Art Gallery through July 3rd.


Photography by: