Potency No. 710 - It's a Vibe

Potency No. 710 | February 19, 2021 | Style & Beauty Sponsored Post

Potency No. 710 is much more than just skincare products; it is truly a vibe! Potency was founded on the principles of nature. To give, to heal, to help, and to inspire. When founder Mandy Lile set out on her journey to introduce Potency No. 710 to the world, she brought more than just determination to help clear the stigma surrounding cannabis. She brought an entire vibe and one that can be felt by using the products and in the community she inspires and supports.


Mandy is a huge believer in clearing the stigma that kindness is a weakness. She believes that kindness is a superpower, and she uses this to drive these products to her community. The company, which is now three years old, has seen sales increase year after year with no requests for returns.


Plant-Powered and Purpose Driven

All of the products found in the Potency No. 710 product line are powered by plants. By combining the superpowers of CBD with other natural botanicals and plant oils, these products are getting to the root of the problem rather than merely masking it. With our skin being the largest organ in our anatomy, it is vital that we protect it and provide it with the most vigorous defense against free radicals and other environmental toxins that wreak havoc on our skin over the years.

Potency No. 710 embraces the power of CBD for all it offers and knows that nature does it best. With that in mind, it's no wonder that Mandy recommends all of her clients to take before photos as this allows them to truly see the transformation in front of their faces. After all, a picture speaks 1,000 words.


A New Age Product

Potency No. 710 products are a new age kind of wellness with anti-aging benefits like you've never seen! Inflammation is one of the leading causes of skin conditions for individuals of all ages. Inflammation is caused by free radicals and oxidation. Did you know that CBD is one of the most potent antioxidants known to man and offers exceptional defense against oxidative stress?

That's right! Studies dating back to as early as 1998 have proven cannabinoids such as CBD to be powerful antioxidants. So much, in fact, the US Government holds a patent on the antioxidant and neuroprotectant properties of cannabinoids.

Potency No. 710 strives only to offer clean products formulated with love and positive energy. The best part, being that all of Potency No. 710's products are derived from nature; they are safe for every skin type. Potency's founder Mandy Lile loves that many consumers chose her products because not only do they crave them but so do their spouses and children!


Potency Gold Serum to be Supercharged with CBG

Potency No. 710 knows that CBD isn't the only valuable component of cannabis and hemp for our minds, bodies, and souls. That is why the Potency No. 710 Gold Serum is getting enhanced! Later this year, this serum, which is known and loved by so many, is getting new superpowers, this time from a lesser-known cannabinoid known as Cannabigerol or CBG for short! If you are searching for a new vibe when it comes to your skincare, we invite you to check out Potency No. 710.


Photography by: Potency No. 710