Puck Art Fare

| November 28, 2012 | Parties

The Party Co-hosts Gelila Assefa Puck and Maurice Marciano kicked off the reopening of the restaurant with a dining experience celebrating the featured L.A. artists in the space.
The Players Doug Aitken, Alex Israel, Sterling Ruby, Andy Gordon, Eva and Michael Chow
The Scene Art enthusiasts gathered to ooh and aah over both the new Waldo Fernandez-designed space and chef Wolfgang Puck’s special menu for the evening.Dinner conversation turned to the works spread throughout the restaurant, created by top local artists such as sculptor Thomas Houseago and photographer Walead Beshty, all curated by Assefa Puck. The Quote “I find each piece unique and interesting,” said Assefa Puck when asked about her favorite pieces in the new collection. “Still, I love the way the trio of Doug Aitken works, ‘Listening,’ ‘ONE’ and ‘Nighttime Cityscape,’ feel in the restaurant. Also, Ed Ruscha’s ‘Anchor in Sand’ is so serene and powerful in the context of the room.”


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