Reinventing Dining in Los Angeles

Lauri Greenberg and Rey III Viquez  Lauri Greenberg and Rey III Viquez  | February 19, 2021 | Food & Drink Sponsored Post

Innovation and agility have been a cornerstone of the hospitality industry. Transforming outdoor spaces during winter months is something that L.A. restaurants have had to do for years, so when indoor dining was closed due to the coronavirus, it was natural to consider expanding their outdoor footprint, and The Third Degree was there to help.


For years, The Third Degree has helped area restaurateurs reimagine their spaces, by collaborating to create new pieces, as well as repurpose existing items. Rey III Viquez, owner of The Third Degree, has a passion for breathing new life into spaces, introducing clients to new fabrics, providing reupholstery and maintenance to extend the life of well-worn furniture, and creating new and exciting pieces to reimagine an existing space. These days, front of mind is the assurance that furniture can be safely used, carefully monitoring ever changing COVID-19 guidelines, as well as easily converting from indoor to outdoor, and when the time comes, back to indoor.


Convertible luxury is what our clients have come to expect from Rey and The Third Degree. Whether converting existing lounge furniture to expand dining options, or building modular pieces for easy placement and storage, restaurateurs know that we will deliver a product that is durable, safe, and cost-effective, with no sacrifice to luxury and style.


Recently, The Third Degree worked closely with Olivetta and Viale Dei Romani, both of whom are located within the La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood. Scouting the space, The Third Degree was able to help innovate so they could continue to serve. Tents were added to the existing outdoor patio, to prepare for sun, rain, and the chill of Southern California winter. They then helped convert both the rooftop and the pool area to outdoor dining, adding tents. With only an hour to convert from lounge to dining, The Third Degree added wheels to existing pieces, helping staff save time resetting the space to easily move things around before service began.


Cost saving efforts during the pandemic has been at the forefront for restaurant owners and The Third Degree has been honored to help long-time clients stay open. For example, lounge chairs were repurposed for dining, by raising the seats, providing a cost-effective solution. We worked directly with the team at Crustacean Beverly Hills to bring life to the outdoor parklets. The Third Degree developed and manufactured table and chair coverings, transforming indoor furniture for outdoor use, creating ease for staff to follow cleaning protocols, as well as protect the piece for continued use. The hope is that when the restaurant returns to indoor dining, the furniture will convert quickly back to its original space. The coverings can be easily stored, in case they need to return outdoors, which the industry has learned is always a possibility.

While COVID-19 has certainly brought significant challenges to the hospitality industry, The Third Degree strives to keep the focus on creating and maintaining furniture that provides a great experience for restauranteurs and their guests.

Photography by: The Third Degree