Ruby Yang: The Way to Express Everything Through Nothingness

By Freddy Ferro By Freddy Ferro | June 24, 2021 | People, Sponsored Post, Art,

According to Helen Frankenthaler, famed American abstract expressionist painter, “Every Canvas Is A Journey All Its Own,” and that seems to be true for every artist, especially for Ruby Leyi Yang.IMG_5513.jpegRuby Leyi Yang is a Multimedia artist based in the Bay Area and is an up and coming painter, young creator and a vibrant performer. Yang holds a BFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a MFA from The San Francisco Art Institute. She proudly and successfully has displayed her art in galleries and festivals in places such as San Francisco, New York, and Beijing, China. IMG_5509.jpegRuby uses her art to express her experiences, feelings and takes the time whilst creating her art to discover new things about herself throughout the process. Her art is her voice in this world.IMG_5510.jpegInspired by the unique idea of zero meaninglessness and nothingness, she creates paintings with colors and shapes that can appear chaotic and awaken the inner child, but are also truly a medium of thought and emotion. Through these chosen aesthetics, her art is able to show viewers individual issues that may be occurring throughout the world.IMG_5511.jpegPhoto by: Mengjiao Zhang

Even for people who are not art connoisseurs, Yang’s paintings are able to evoke such intense emotion that has been held deep down inside of each viewer. Yang has stated that she leaves her work free of interpretation so that not a particular message is conveyed. Lines that pop right out of her imagination create an infinite trip. IMG_5512.jpegPhoto by: Mengjiao Zhang

According to Yang, the decision to pursue such a career came after the realization that there is art in everything from trash to science. It was able to act as a support system for her when depression suddenly overcame her as well. It is the ability of art to create visualizations of abstract concepts that can be both useful and powerful tools of expression. Colors can even say more than words.

This is the reason why all of her paintings include vibrant and eye-catching colors that make viewers have a visceral reaction towards what they observe and experience.

With an avid passion for philosophy as well, she evidently has a philosopher inside of her, as she is constantly looking for new ways of expression and of how to show the depth of life.

Yang’s new 45-minute video of playing against herself in chess, along with a video of her air-drawing of the skies of the Bay Area for a month truly show her excitement and need to continually be shifting perspective while still holding sacred ground so close.

As it became clear in one of her latest interviews, Yang sees that 2020 gave people a new way to experience art. She believes that the digital world made everyone reconsider the relationship between the artwork and the audience, therefore leading to 2021 bringing a rise in fine art that is infused with elements of modern art that is merged with more traditional techniques.

Yang has a long way to go in the world, but will continue to create successful pieces as she has exciting new experiences opening up in front of her that will enable her to broaden her curiosity and horizons.

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Photography by: Yiwei Lu & Mengjiao Zhang