Shopping, Reformed

BY Lauren Keary | July 7, 2017 | Feature Features

Eco-friendly fashions and tech-driven dressing rooms debut at Reformation's two new L.A. outposts.

Picture walking into a boutique full of clothes strewn about, attendants too busy to assist you and dressing room lighting that seems to accentuate your worst features. Now, picture the opposite—unblemished white walls, orderly racks full of sustainable, eco-chic apparel, and technology that tends to all of your fitting needs. Say hello to Reformation, which recently swung open the doors on two new locations at Culver city’s Platform (May 31) and on Melrose (June 7). Expect touch screens that send the clothes you wish to try on directly to your room, adjustable “sexy-time lighting,” music features and even digital fitting room “attendees,” all of which can’t be found anywhere else in the City of Angels.

Centered around eco-friendly fashion, Reformation offers flattering, feminine styles utilizing renewable plant-base fabrics, like Tencel and Viscose, as well as repurposed vintage clothing aimed at reducing the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. “On a trip to China, I saw first-hand the horrible amount of pollution there that manufacturing had caused,” explains CEO Yael Aflalo. “I knew that I had to make a change.”

There’s also the introduction of additional swim styles and a brand-new kids category. “We’ve actually had a bunch of customers ask when we’re launching a kids line,” says Aflalo, “Last year, when I became a mom myself, I decided to finally make it happen.”

Shop plunge-neck dresses ($98-$278) in flirty floral designs, open-back jumpsuits ($118-$248) and more. The advanced retail technology and popular styles are sure to attract a slew of discerning Angelenos this summer thank to lavish, yet minimalistic looks. Or, as Aflalo likes to put it, “Sexy, but low-maintenance,” Sold!

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