SKventure Group's Growing Presence Bodes Well for the LA Hospitality Sector

Dmitri Sharov Dmitri Sharov | August 28, 2020 | Food & Drink, People, Sponsored Post,

SKventure Group, a dynamic construction and hospitality business group from Oklahoma, led by its young and ambitious CEO Shyon Keoppel, has set its sights on LA’s hospitality sector. With its first successful business, 3rd Base Sports Bar and Lounge up and running since late 2019, and two ventures slated for opening in Q1 of 2021, SKventure’s distinctive footprint in LA is on its way to expansion.


Shyon learned the ropes of the business and honed his entrepreneurial skills in his hometown of Oklahoma, having started his first business venture at the age of 19. In 2014, he already owned a construction company and, by doing major construction jobs for multi-family apartment complexes, organically moved into real estate. “Real estate and construction go hand in hand,” admits Shyon. And rightfully so. “My construction company services everything we do. We build our own restaurants, rental properties, remodel them, and so on,” explains Shyon the synergy.

The drift from real estate and construction business towards hospitality was natural. “We started to conceptualize restaurants and ideas from other cities, and started opening them in Oklahoma with a partner,” tells Shyon. With seven successful hospitality projects, including bars, restaurants, and lounges in Oklahoma, Shyon did not rest on his laurels. “Everything good comes from LA—all the big brands are born in big cities like LA, NYC, and Miami,” confesses Shyon. And though his principal city is still Oklahoma, where SKventure owns several successful real estate properties on top of bars and lounges, “I just didn’t feel there was enough challenge Oklahoma, if you create a new nice brand, nobody really cares,” explains Shyon of the westward business migration. Shyon however, does care. “We believe our market knowledge exceeds that of our competitors, and our steadfast pursuit of visionary development and hospitality brands keeps us relevant and ahead of the game. We’ll work harder than anyone in the business—we believe that grit and determination to grind in this market can make all the difference.”

SKventure’s 3rd Base Sports Bar in Hollywood is an upscale clone of its namesake in Oklahoma. Conceptualized and implemented by Shyon and his two partners, 3rd Base Bar and Lounge offers a refined and unique interior, emulating iconic California diners of the ‘60s, intertwined with the modern amenities. Though the lounge opened in December and operated normally only four months before the lockdown was imposed, the new place, according to its patrons, did make a splash with its decor and service. Naturally, the upcoming projects are set to also capture the attention of future customers due to the company’s commitment to excellence. To check out SKVenture Group’s progress in LA visit it’s Instagram and website.

Photography by: SKventure Group