Tesoro on Canon is Your Holiday Gift-Giving Emporium

Abigail Stone | November 7, 2019 | Lifestyle


Bosque tray with agate handles, $495, featuring the Kiva cheese set in crystal with 24K gold handles, $235, both by ANNA New York at Tesoro on Canon.

Tara Riceberg inherited the retail gene from her mother, the founder of Tesoro (@tesorobeverlyhills), a legendary gift emporium in Beverly Hills. “She left me the shop,” she says, “but I never had that sense of achievement that comes from building something on my own.” So, she shuttered it in 2004 and funneled that energy into her own store, Tweak on Beverly Boulevard, a paradise of prewrapped grab-and-go presents. Then, a few years ago, Fred Segal came calling, offering her a place at its Sunset Boulevard address. Riceberg christened it Tesoro in honor of her mother. Riffing off that success, she’s opening Tesoro on Canon, just up from the old location. “It’s like coming home,” says the self-titled curator of happiness. “These days, I’m proud to say it was my mom’s.” For Riceberg, gifting is all about connection. “Every day when we open, we have the power to transform somebody’s life,” she explains. “One gift. Two smiles.” With Riceberg’s help, those smiles stretch from ear to ear.

Photography by: courtesy of Anna New York