The Gin Crowd

BY Allison Mitchell | June 15, 2018 | Feature Features National

Take a sip of Pomp & Whimsy, a gin liqueur crafted with women in mind.
Enjoy Pomp & Whimsy neat; half and half with soda, tonic or Champagne; or use it in place of hard liquors in classic cocktails.

Raise a glass, ladies—there’s a new spirit floating around L.A. and it’s been developed with you in mind. Meet Pomp & Whimsy, a SoCal-based elevated gin liqueur with bright floral notes that’s potent enough to be sipped on its own, yet light enough to blend with your favorite bubbly. It’s all thanks to entrepreneur Dr. Nicola Nice, who’s spent her career consulting for Fortune 500 companies on their beverage choices. It was during company meetings that she noticed the male bias when it came to product creation. “I had a desire to create a spirit for women that circumvents debates about whether they ‘should or should not’ have spirits marketed toward them by simply asking them what they want,” she explains. The result is a liqueur that blends the tradition of gin (the “Pomp”) with today’s modern palate (the “Whimsy”). “We also love exploring its use in food, especially in cakes and desserts!” she adds. “Try it poured over grapefruit sorbet, mixed into icing on cakes, or in classic boozy desserts like a trifle.” Sip the spirit now at Bottega Louie, Son of a Gun and Norah, among others.

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