The Thermal Club Unveils a Luxe Clubhouse this November

Katy Carrier | November 5, 2019 | Lifestyle Travel & Recreation


Motorsports enthusiasts, meet your mecca. The Thermal Club, occupying 344 acres in the desert city of Thermal, about 35 miles southeast of Palm Springs, combines 5.1 miles of closed-course racing track with luxury homes and exclusive amenities to create the ultimate car lover’s paradise. “Thermal is a private club made up of a select few of the most driven and passionate humans on Earth,” says John Rogers, general manager of The Thermal Club. “It is a place where members, friends and families can experience the ultimate in motorsport and create lifelong memories.”

In many ways there’s a country club feel, but substitute golfers yelling “fore” with the whizz of Lamborghinis and McLarens flying by on the world-class racetrack. Membership requires the purchase of one of the club’s lots lining the perimeter of the track, with some villas available to purchase now, or members may build theirs ground-up from available curated floor plans (ranging from 5,000 square feet to 15,000 square feet) or bring in an architect for a fully customized design.

And what makes these homes different from the average country club abode? For starters, there’s room to stash up to 20 vehicles depending on the garage configuration you select, with some layouts even including two-story garages utilizing lift systems, or glass partitions that allow you to gaze upon your prized collection from the comfort of your couch. Then there’s the setting: extraordinary mountain vistas and open desert landscape, as well as a front row seat for the racing action, if you’re in one of the villas integrated right into the track’s 18-foot walls. Don’t worry––excellent soundproofing ensures that you’re not disturbed when you need to catch some z’s or watch your favorite show.

Membership includes racetrack privileges, a karting track for the whole family, gourmet dining, concierge services, a fuel station, tuning garage and even one daily car wash—which comes in handy when you own dozens of cars. The club, which first opened six years ago, continues to evolve and grow. “This fall, we are unveiling an additional clubhouse complete with spa, fitness center, multiple pools and sports courts for off-track amenities,” says Rogers. “Our vision is to provide the ideal racing environment for performance- and luxury-minded enthusiasts and their families.” The Thermal Club may be a second or fourth home to many of the members, but it’s hard to imagine why you’d ever want to leave. Initial membership fee of $85,000 and annual dues of $14,400; lots from $700,000, completed homes currently available from $3.6 million

Photography by: photos by Eric Figge