The Ultimate Gift Guide for Whisky Lovers

By Sabina Crisitello By Sabina Crisitello | December 8, 2023 | Food & Drink Sponsored Post


Crafted with conversation in mind, nothing honors the holiday spirit quite like a bottle of Ardray. The latest masterpiece to come from Suntory’s expert blenders, this blended Scotch whisky is layered yet effortlessly sippable, making it the liquid embodiment of everything we love about the holiday season. A fusion of rich Scottish heritage and Japanese artistry, Ardray is an interconnection between two worlds—and the perfect present for friends, family, and anyone you want to impress. Here’s how to gift a bottle.

Ardray, Off the Rocks

They say presentation is everything, and Ardray knows how to wow. Gift a set of elevated mixology essentials alongside a bottle to unlock the blend’s signature serve, an “off the rocks” approach that’s guaranteed to impress. Pour the spirit over an ice sphere suspended on a strainer above your glass, unlocking the blend’s complex notes as the whisky cascades down.


On Ice

Your giftee will need a little help to make those ice spheres. That’s where this kit comes in. Whether you’re shopping for the at-home mixologist, perpetual host or cocktail aficionado, this is the ultimate toy for whisky lovers. With a restaurant-worthy home bar like this, who needs to go out?

Sip, Sip


There’s nothing that says “let’s celebrate” quite like a glossy glassware set. Enhance their sipping experience with these Glencairn glasses, specifically designed for tasting single-malt Scotch whisky or blended Scotch. When sipping Ardray, these glasses are short enough to waft the sweet scents of apple, pear and plum before tasting a touch of smoke backed by a vanilla-custard creaminess. Pro tip: Have the glasses engraved for an ultra-personal touch.

Caffeine Kick

Move over vodka, there’s a new martini on the rise. The perfect twist on a winter favorite, an espresso martini made with Ardray is the drink of the season. A sip offers the best of both worlds: a pick-me-up from the espresso and cozy warmth from the whisky. Enhance the drink’s natural spice with this fruit-forward, seasonal blend from Verve.

All In


Meet the gift that keeps on giving. The perfect activity to enjoy while you sip, these Ralph Lauren playing cards leave room for endless possibilities. Sleek enough to sit on their bar cart, this functional favorite will ensure you’re the life of the party. P.S. They look great next to a bottle of Ardray.

Catch of the Day


A nod to its delicately balanced Japanese composition, Ardray’s complex nature pairs perfectly with seafood. Flavorful and versatile, gourmet tinned fish has become a sought-after accompaniment for many whisky drinkers. Featuring smoked rainbow trout, Cantabrian anchovies in extra virgin olive il, slow-smoked mackerel with chili flakes and sardines with preserved lemon, this starter pack from Fishwife will fulfill all their tinned fish dreams.

Taste Away

For the person who has everything or doesn’t want anything, create a whisky sampler pack tailored to your giftee’s tastes by pairing a bottle of Ardray with a selection of different whiskies, courtesy of Beam Suntory’s family of brands. From Kentucky’s finest to multi-layered Japanese blends and single malt Scotches, the company offers a whisky for every occasion.


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