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BUBEN&ZORWEG, the renowned German luxury safe and watch winder company, offers seamless protection and storage for your treasured timepieces.

Pursuit of Perfection

As elegant and intricate as the pieces they protect, BUBEN&ZORWEG safes are any watch connoisseurs’ dream. German craftsmanship combined with cutting edge technology and high-quality materials is what makes this company an award-winning luxury manufacturer. Their passion for beauty and functionality is seen within every aspect of their design and build process making these unique luxury safes more than just protection, but art themselves. BUBEN&ZORWEG are leading experts who will work with you to seamlessly incorporate your safe into its environment, whether it be with the beautiful Nappa leather, bulletproof mirrored glass, or invisible opening mechanisms. The German Design Awarded company prides itself on the bespoke journey it offers its clientele and the level of protection their finished products provide. With all their products being VdS certified (highest security ratings), it is no wonder horological enthusiasts and collectors alike are jumping at the opportunity to store their timepieces in such exquisite safes.

image_1_and_2.jpgVISION INBUILT Example // Vision Standalone

Behind The Looking Glass

Picture, as you’re treating your friends to a tour of your newly refined closet, you hear nothing but the sound of sheer silence as their eyes study every inch of the room. Everything appears so seamlessly and artistically placed that they glaze past the mirror without a second thought. Little do they know, however, what lies past their reflection is the finest German crafted safe transcending day-to-day watch protection. You click the remote to slowly fade the two-way spy mirror glass of the VISION, revealing the fine velour lined interior, signature BUBEN&ZORWEG clock displayed in the center, and your opulent collection adorned in the TIME MOVER® spaces.

Housed inside this mysterious yet elegant masterpiece lies your treasured possessions. Whether you select the 27 TIME MOVER® and 2 drawer option, the 8 TIME MOVER® and 5 drawer option, or decide on bespoke customization, BUBEN&ZORWEG will work diligently to craft you a luxury space worth housing your finest keepsakes. On top of the VISION two-way mirror, its 7-digit number block or alternative Biometric Fingerprint Opening and VdS I security system establish this work of art not only as a stylish piece in any room, but one that is durable and dependable. No matter what you choose, the Standalone or the Inbuilt, this multifunctional BUBEN&ZORWEG safe is sure to impress and radiate a VISION of luxury.

Quilted Elegance

Whether you dare to be bold with Diablo Red or prefer a simply classic Nappa Black, in either fashion BUBEN&ZORWEG stitches to perfection an unmatched level of protection that fits any aesthetic. A standout in any room, the square quilted design of an ORION safe is treated with the care and precision of a luxury handbag. The exterior of this pristine masterpiece is dressed in quality Italian Nappa leather that is soft to the touch as it glides beneath your fingertips. Ranging in colors and sizes, one can tailor this piece to be the perfect luxury accent to hold any watches and jewelry in their prized collection.

Enclosed within the workings of intricate detail and excellence, the interior of this quilted beauty is strengthened with proven certified security technology. Composed of stainless steel lined in velour, the cases and drawers create the ideal space for your pieces to glisten under the rays of the LED lighting system. Whether you choose the VdS I security with the 7-digit keypad or opt for the VdS III for added protection, BUBEN&ZORWEG strive to uphold the highest quality level of perfection when it comes to building their multifunctional safes. Their customization process allows you to add reinforced external hinges, thicker door bolts and wall structures, and even advanced fireproof protection. This combination of German craftsmanship encapsulates the essence of true luxury and reliability and is what makes a BUBEN&ZORWEG safes unlike any other.

image_3_and_4.jpgORION XL with black Nappa leather and silver contrast stitchings

In collaboration with Bugatti, BUBEN&ZORWEG has designed a limited edition collection reminiscing upon the Chiron SUPER SPORT 300+ hyper sports car’s unique elements. From its tourbillon clock displayed in a cockpit-style fashion to an opening mechanism utilizing fingerprint activation to its watch winders fitting 2-8 of your beloved watches, rest assured your valuables will be securely enclosed with the highest level of protection. And if you look for a very individual BUBEN&ZORWEG masterpiece, to truly match your own BUGATTI hyper sports car, the Bespoke customization will make your dream come true.

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