Ahead of This Year's Shows, We Catch Up with L.A. Fashion Week 2018's Stand-Out Stars

Chandler Presson | October 7, 2019 | Style & Beauty

Excitement is brewing with L.A. Fashion Week right around the corner. Take a look at what last year’s most unforgettable L.A.-based designers are up to now. Oct. 8-12

From the Tulum series, a resort 2020 look in Limone by Lakris

Nearly nine years ago, Kristina Tsvetkova Sutton found the home she was looking for in L.A., as well as the inspiration for her first clothing line, which debuted last year during LAFW. Combining Tsvetkova’s interest in both the Middle East and Japan, the new resort 2020 collection showcases translucent fabrics that offer a refined peek of the silhouette hiding underneath. Standouts like the Bandana chiffon turtleneck ($399) and the signature Evolution shirt ($999) count as some of her favorites. H. Lorenzo, West Hollywood

A silicone look from RS Visual Thing’s spring/summer 2017 collection

RS Visual Thing
Radka Salcmannova’s journey in the fashion world started in L.A. “I would not have had the courage to create my own fashion brand if I had not been convinced by LAFW,” says Salcmannova. “That was surely a life challenge and a big change for me.” Once she started, she never looked back, and she now combines multiple mediums into her walking pieces of art. Playing into that idea, past shows have included performance dance and silicone dresses. Currently, she’s printing images of her creations on silk fabric for her new designs.

Model Cara Marie Ruetz sports a satin dress by Sav Noir on the runway.

Sav Noir
Seen on celebs like Adam Lambert and Carly Rae Jepsen, L.A.-based Edwin Haynes’ brand packs a rock ’n’ roll punch. His designs, unisex garments made of silk and satin, are inspired by the Euro-goth culture of the early ’80s. Calling L.A. a “hub of passion,” Haynes loves challenging his talent in the city’s growing fashion scene. His latest offering? A sub-brand called PraVana Couture: an elegant, ready-to-wear line for women. savnoir.com

Photography by: lakris photo by @the.polf | rs visual thing photo by Lloyd Galbraith | sav noir photo by Gerardo Wackenhut