What to Eat & Drink in 2018

BY Kelsi Maree Diaz, Laura Eckstein Jones, Meg McGuire and Allison Mitchell | December 15, 2017 | Feature Features

What to Eat & Drink in 2018
A dish from Providence

When it comes to world-class seafood, Providence sets the precedent with a slew of James Beard nominations and two coveted Michelin stars. Yes, executive chef and owner Michael Cimarusti has been tantalizing taste buds since 2005 with a daily changing menu marked by sustainability and seasonality. While three different tasting experiences are on offer, it’s the Chef’s Tasting ($330 per person with wine pairings) that truly dazzles. Start with an array of amuse-bouches before diving fork first into a symphony of gourmet dishes ranging from spiny lobster with macadamia and white truffle to sea urchin with honeynut squash. And don’t skimp on dessert—pastry chef Hou Mao “Jessie” Liu is a fan of Japanese ingredients and makes palates sing with selections like Okinawa Black Sugar (featuring buckwheat, Illanka dark chocolate and soy) and A Napa Hillside (with chamomile, honey, bee pollen and mustard). Now that’s providential. L.A., 323.460.4171

In a city like L.A., there are myriad choices when it comes to healthy-food delivery services, but none compare to Kooshi Gourmet. Founded by husband-and-wife duo Albert and Amanda Melera, the company offers a variety of programs that range from its Signature high-protein, gluten-free plan (1,500 calories, three meals per day for $58.50) to its Paleo, pescetarian, vegetarian and even detox options (all from $58.50 for three meals per day), all of which focus on organic, local and seasonal ingredients. The best part? Kooshi allows you to list up to three ingredients of which you’re not fond so the chefs can exclude them from your restaurant-quality meals. “Kooshi has brought a private-chef approach to the meal-delivery industry,” explains Albert. “Imagine having a personal chef who curates plans based on your individual requests on a daily basis—that’s what we do here at Kooshi.” If you’re after something even more customizable, Albert and Amanda will work directly with their customers to create an individualized meal plan (price upon request) based on specific health needs. “Customization in all industries is becoming the gold standard,” explains Amanda. “Our industry is no different. Every detail of our menus is thoughtful, unrivaled and, most importantly, hand-delivered to the front door of your choosing.”

Oenophiles, your wine sanctuary has arrived. Sam Bialosky is elevating the wine storage market with The Cellar Beverly Hills, a posh recently opened locker facility and concierge service that will do everything but drink your wine for you. “I found the storage options in L.A. to be inadequate,” explains Bialosky. “I had an idea that we would provide a high level of wine storage that was completely convenient.” Not only does The Cellar protect (think military-grade security with 24-hour surveillance) and house massive wine collections in curated lockers, but the company will also deliver and decant your wine, and keep a live inventory of your personal collection—with advice on when to drink, store and sell. Services are available through its app, giving clients 24-hour access to its vino. Rookie enthusiasts are welcome too, with locker space for collections as small as 48 bottles. Locker prices from $1,500-$10,000

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