Your Ultimate Summer Travel Companions

By Lunya & Lahgo By Lunya & Lahgo | June 17, 2021 | Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,

Now more than ever, you deserve to get away. Surely you’ve been dreaming up the perfect trip?

As the days get sunnier and our wanderlust grows stronger by the hour, we have a couple travel companions we’d like to recommend.


We’re talking, of course, about Linen Silk and Cotton Terry—two ultra-cozy options from our friends at Lunya. Lunya creates exceptionally crafted & unbelievably comfortable loungewear for the modern woman. Think of it as the anti “old shirt”—the perfect uniform, made of pieces intentionally designed to complement your most leisurely moments. Our warm-weather fave is Linen Silk. This fabric is oh-so-chic, but still lightweight, breathable, and ready to pack for your next trip. We can’t get enough of the Linen Silk Sleeveless Set: super flattering high-waisted shorts with a micro side slit and a deep V tank to match. It’s uber-comfy and not the least bit frumpy—and it’s even machine-washable. We’re also totally feeling the flow of the Linen Silk Double V Midi Dress. It’s the perfect ensemble for hitting the town and then hitting the hay. The hypoallergenic fabric will warm you up when it’s cool and cool you down when it gets a little too hot—and there’s even a super cute front pocket.

If you’re looking to carry a spa-like experience with you wherever you go, Lunya offers one-of-a-kind 100% Aegean Turkish Cotton Terry collection. Super soft, super absorbent, and perfect for your off-hours. You know, the time when you can withdraw from your daily business to focus on life’s most simple pleasures.

We are gaga for the Cotton Terry Romper. It’s an adorable one-piece that’s perfect for getting ready for most anything—even if you’re just getting ready to lie down with your favorite beach read. It’s got two side pockets, a comfy elastic top, and endless possibilities.

Lunya specializes in making you feel beautiful, comfortable, and deeply relaxed. And we’ve actually saved our favorite find for last: the Cotton Terry Convertible Towel Bag. It’s an adorable little bag for storing your essentials (think sunscreen and snacks)—and it also rolls out into a full-size towel when you get to your favorite sunning spot. So clever, so convenient.

Wherever you’re traveling next, you deserve to bring Lunya along with you. Visit to learn more and shop everything Linen Silk and Cotton Terry.

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